Sunday, 17 April 2016

make up, mugs and automobiles

Another busy week has been and gone.  My roomie and I have pretty much got our new home unpacked and how we want it.

Tomorrow is big day for me because I officially start my new job.  I'm excited and nervous at the same time but after a few weeks off I'm raring and ready to go and get started in my new job role.

It's been a stressful week with things happening back at home and I've been feeling a little helpless which has made me feel a little down because I have wanted to be home to support my family through a tough time.  Thankfully things have improved but was still a difficult time.

There's been a few other things going on last week where I really wanted to just stick the finger up at the world and lose my sh*t but managed to keep my composure...thankfully I have good friends and family who are there to support me during the crappy times.

This weekend has been a busy one, I picked up my new car yesterday which I was excited for, it's always nice getting a new car and driving it away from the car company.  It took me a little while to get used to driving it, but I did not forget what I was doing at one point lol.

I also got an amazing little care package from my Mum:

Care package from home :-)

My Mum sent me some of my favourite breakfast biscuits (top left), some High Beam highlighter by Benefit (top right), some Hotel Chocolat chocolates which I looooove (left), my Mum's attempt at humour with a new mug for my new job haha.  The spotty bottle on the right is a room spray which smells amazing (it's apricot) from one of my favourite stores at home, Next.  At the bottom is the primer I use before applying my make up by Smash box.

It was such a lovely surprise to get the care package and I love every single item.  I cannot confirm or deny whether I have eaten any of my chocolates or breakfast biscuits haha.

This weekend we have had some guests visit (my roomie's boyfriend and one of my closest friends from Illinois).  We showed them around Rochester, well, the bits we have seen so far haha, and had a few drinks last night.  We then took the 4 man party back to our home and it got silly but so funny...

Roomie's boyfriend

One of my best friends from Illinois

I have no words lol
Our guests have now gone home and I have been doing stuff around the home and I'm not going to lie, I am looking forward to going to bed tonight because I have put fresh, clean bed sheets on my bed. I am going to have a nice shower, put on some clean bed clothes and just drift off to a great sleep. There is nothing better than getting into bed when you have clean bed sheets on.

Now it's time to figure out what's for dinner before catching up on shows from back home and then off to sleep in that cosy bed that's calling my name lol....

As this post has featured a few things about home I thought I would end my blog post with one of my favourite songs that I heard while I was visiting home a few weeks ago...

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