Thursday, 28 April 2016

Bad times at work, wine and Eurovision...

What a week! I feel like I say that every time I post a blog haha.  This week has truly been horrendous at work.  I have been through one of the most harrowing experiences in my career so far and seen things that you could not begin to imagine.  It's something that will stay with me for a long time and not something that I will shake off too easily.  The only saving grace is that I know I am doing my job to the best of my ability and I am making a difference no matter how small.

Thankfully I have a day off tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it.  So tonight I am going to enjoy some much needed fun and go out for dinner and drinks.  My roomie and I are still getting to know the new town that we now live in but we are having fun and that's the main thing.  

I think a few cocktails or glasses of wine are in order tonight to unwind and forget about the crap that has been going on this week.

Ready for a few glasses of this tonight :-)
Even though I'm over in the States and not back home, the count down is on to this:

This is something that is so cheesy, so politically voted but I love it.  It's 3 hours of some of the most random, crazy and weird songs performed by over 20 different European Countries.  The voting for each country is fuelled by the country's neighbour giving them maximum points, because that's going to keep international, neighbour relations all happy and peaceful right? haha

The UK never win.  They haven't won since 1997, I was 9 years old (10 later that year), which shows you how long I have been watching it haha.

The reason we haven't won in so long???....

Due to the decisions made by the UK in a political sense, the rest of Europe took a stance through the art of song!! Even one of the UK's biggest boy bands performed at Eurovision a few years ago and they got so few points that they finished next to last.  They still qualified for the next year even though the countries that come last are supposed to go through the semi final stage.  However the UK (along with a couple of other countries) pumps that much money into it that we are always there in the final no matter where we came the year before.

It's such a funny night to watch it, back home my friends and I would have a night in of food and lots of drinks.  There's lots of laughs, shouting at the TV about how terrible it is and lots of shots to be drunk if by some miracle we get any used to be shots when we got 10 or 12 points (the two highest marks) but now we have had to lower the standards and just take whatever points we can get.

As I'm over here for Eurovision, we are unsure of our plans yet but it will be a lot of fun no matter what we end up doing.

Enough about Eurovision, I don't want to appear obsessive about it or anything haha.

I'm still going through my Sia obsession stage so I'm going to end my blog with one of my favourite songs off her latest album...

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