Saturday, 30 August 2014

Time to relax and have some fun...

I have been MIA from my blog for the last few weeks but for no other reason other than work has been completely insane.  I have literally not stopped throughout the week and have worked well into the night on most nights.  It's been absolutely insane.  I have felt incredibly stressed out to meet deadlines and make sure things are done at work, because with anything, when you're trying to get something urgent done, there are a million other things "crop up" and have to be dealt with urgently too. I haven't known if I have been coming or going recently.

The weekends have been crazy too because when I haven't been trying to sneak in as much extra work as possible I have been trying to have a social life.

I went to V festival a few weekends ago, it was amazing!  I saw so many great bands and artists.  The ones I wasn't expecting to be good live were amazing live...including Jason also helps thathe is gorgeous!! haha...


My favourite acts of the weekend were Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran...


Last weekend was a long weekend and so I managed to get in an afternoon / evening of drinks with some friends.  I enjoyed not being tied to my laptop for work and it wasn't about getting drunk it was just unwinding and having a good time with friends.

I've just spent the last two hours making cakes for my friends birthday, it's been a very busy morning and I was hoping to be taking it easy this morning but this is obviously not the case and I only have a little bit of time to get ready for the party.  I have a feeling I'm going to be nursing a big hangover in the morning...oh well...I think I deserve to have a bit of a blow out haha.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Falling in love...on repeat...with songs!!

Do you ever hear a song and fall in love with it that much that you find yourself pressing repeat over and over again when you're driving in the car or just have music playing at home or at work?  That is definitely me.  I love music and it's usually something like a line in a song or a melody that gets me hooked and I find myself playing the song over and over...and then when I'm not actually listening to the song I'll find myself humming along or singing a few lines of the song while I'm working or doing...well nothing in particular.  It's like it for days and days and often my 20 minute journey to and from work will often feature just one song.

At the minute I have two songs that I absolutely love and they are dominating my play lists!

The first one is...

I haven't always been a massive fan of Ed Sheeran but there's just something about this song that I absolutely love.

The other song that I have on repeat is this one...

I love Sam Smith, he has such an amazing voice and I love the all of the songs of his I've heard but this one, I am absolutely in love with which is ironic given the subject of the song.

Speaking of things I cream!! I always tell myself that I don't like ice cream, I never order it when I'm having dessert in a restaurant, I always opt  for an ice lolly when it's hot weather...and now I realise why...if I let myself eat ice cream I get a real taste for it and one ice cream is just not enough for me...especially these awesome things...

I could quite happily just keep eating these things and I have to be really strict with myself...don't even get me started on Ben and Jerry's haha...I have to stick to the mini tubs of ice cream otherwise I'd be happy to sit and eat a whole tub in one sitting roll on winter when I won't be tempted by ice cream haha.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Limbering up to do the don't rain dance!!

It's the weekend!! Woohoo woohoo! Wooooowaaaaahooooo!! :-)

I am so glad that I get a two day break from's been terrible at work and I'm soooo tired and but the weather is terrible there's no way I'm going out tonight! So it's a night in relaxing, blogging, watching one of my favourite comedians on TV (who I also get to see headlining the comedy stage next weekend at V Festival) - Alan Carr!!..oh and a couple of drinks to get my weekend of course!

I've been looking at the weather for next weekend when I go to V festival and the weather does not look good (nooooooooo!!!! haha). To be fair I don't really care about the weather next weekend, I'm just looking forward to having a good time and enjoying the music and comedy there...I just hope our tent does not end up like this haha...

It's a good job I can swim if the camping area ends up like that next weekend haha...but even though I said I don't care about the weather, throughout next week I'll be doing my "don't rain dance" so that we have good weather at the festival haha

It's my friends birthday tomorrow and the lucky thing is getting to spend their birthday in France!! So I hope they have a wonderful day...

I hope they get to have lots of these...(drinks of course haha).

drinks drinks and moooooore drinks haha

Have a good weekend...I'm off to start limbering up ready for the don't rain dance haha :-)

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Guilty Pleasures...

This weekend I was told by someone that my blog was their guilty pleasure which actually made me smile to know there are people out there that enjoy my...well...ramblings.  This person isn't someone I thought would like my blog for a number of reasons but I guess that's the beauty of having guilty pleasures... we like the things people wouldn't expect us to or things we really shouldn't!!

I shared with her that this song was one of my current guilty pleasures

The reason I shared this guilty pleasure with her is because the words in this song have a significant relevance to what connects us to each other.

Thinking about this all afternoon I started to realise I had other things that I could class as guilty pleasures...maybe not actual things like songs or blogs but there are some things that could be class as one...

1. Up until I went away for the weekend almost a year ago with my friends I was a clinical "showerer" (not a word I know but you'll get what I mean), I would go in the shower, get clean and then get out again...I'm writing this thinking, what are people going to be thinking I'm going to reveal about my showers haha, I promise it's a Universal rating and nothing inappropriate haha....I remember being in the shower and I could hear Adele singing away in the bathroom next to the one I was in...I had no idea what was happening and was preeeeeetty sure of two things...1, Adele is not a friend of mine and 2, she definitely wasn't away for the weekend with us.  THEN...I heard a duet going on with my friend singing away with was only when I asked my friend if she was alone in the bathroom that I realised she had taken her phone into the bathroom to listen to music whilst she was in there...all I thought to myself was WHY HAD I NEVER THOUGHT OF THIS?...well phone comes in the bathroom with me and I'm singing away in the bathroom thinking I'm the next big superstar haha...but it doesn't stop there...I've also started dancing away in the shower...I haven't gotten as far as using my shampoo bottle as a microphone though...yet haha...all I can say is I'm glad no-one can see me haha.

2. Those dysfunctional Geordies from Geordie Shore...I shouldn't like it but I do!! I don't know how or why the show shocks me or makes me laugh so much but it does...I'm almost certain the people on the show are no different to any other 18-23 year olds in any major city across the UK and I'm sure I see the same things they get up to every episode when I go out to the bars. Where I see people in front of me in bars dressing up like they should actually be walking the streets trying to earn a living as the 'norm', seeing it on my TV screen is quite shocking but so funny...I actually think it's because I find Charlotte weeing herself hilarious...I know I shouldn't but I just do!!

3. Singing in the car...I love it...I'm one of those that will sing and dance in the car...when I've been sat in traffic jams on the motorway with my friends I've been obliviously dancing and singing away like there's no one around...including doing choreographed dance moves...I've looked to my left and there's a group of guys in a minibus going to a football game laughing and copying the dance what do I do?...recoil into my seat and be embarrassed?...nope...I encourage them even more by dancing and singing more animatedly...but secretly I'm embarrassed as you can imagine haha...I've also been singing that hard in the car that another driver has thought that I was saying / shouting something to do them in annoyance at them and they've given me the finger...whoops!! 

4. Selfies...yeah I'm one of those annoying girls who takes lots of selfies and has even been known to do the "duck face"...I'm so 2013!! haha.  I've always been a fan of taking pictures of things I do and places I go and that has extended into taking a "few" selfies too...

Coco Loooooves Meeeee

Quack Quack haha

Duck face gone wrong!! haha

Pat Butcher??? ;-) haha (sorry, inside joke haha)

What about Dot Cotton??? haha ;-)

I'm sure there are so many guilty pleasures I have like my love Taylor Swift songs, for the Eurovision Song Contest even though I know it's a political mind field...despite this every year I think that it might be our year and we will win...I'm delusional!! haha...