Saturday, 19 April 2014

Happy Easter....

It's a looooong weekend!! I'm so grateful for a few days off.  I keep thinking it is Saturday today because my last working day this week was Wednesday.  I decided to take an extra day off than the statutory 4 day weekend.

This weekend I have come home to my Mum and Step-Dad's and decided to spend some more time with my family (my best friends/housemates have also headed home too).  My Mum and I went shopping yesterday as we are both going on holiday soon.  My Mum and Step-Dad leave for a week away just before I head off to the States with friends. So we were both looking for things for our holidays.  I meet my Mum quite often for breakfast at weekends but it was nice to meet up in the week and just enjoy breakfast and a wander around the mall together and catching up on what's been going on. 

I've had yet another cold this past week (this is my 4th so far this year) and I was pretty miserable about it because although it was only something minor having another one having only got over one a few weeks before was pretty draining and frustrating.  Thankfully I'm feeling better than I did and I'm able to relax throughout this Easter weekend and being at home is so nice because it's so quiet here.

A year ago today I had laser eye surgery...I cannot believe it has gone by so quickly and I'm still amazed at the results.  Even after this amount of time I still find myself trying to push my glasses up on my nose and then realise they're not there.  I mainly wore contact lenses but there have been times when I have been getting ready for bed and I have actually put my hands to each side of my head and gone to take my glasses off my face...and then realised they weren't there haha.

The glasses are no more!!!
Easter weekend would not be complete without...


Even at 26 years old I still get Easter Eggs from my family haha...I love it!!! Growing up I was never allowed to open any of my Eggs until Easter Sunday and that is still something I stick to now.  I'm a girl that loves chocolate so it's very difficult for me (my willpower is terrible when it comes to chocolate haha) not to open them haha.  One question I have though and I've had this question for years...why does Easter Egg chocolate taste so much better than normal chocolate????...I just don't understand why it does but it really does taste so much better than your average chocolate bar.

Tomorrow I have plans to do a little bit of baking...and in keeping with the Easter theme I'm going to be making some hot cross buns....


Sunday, 13 April 2014

Planning clearly isn't my strong point...

"Caite, lets get together and plan what we are going to do on holiday"...this is what my friend said to me last week and I agreed and we decided Friday would be a good night to do it.  We went to a local pub first to have some food and a glass of wine or two and then we would head back home and have more wine there and plan our holiday!!  Good Plan we thought!!...until one glass turned into one bottle and then one bottle turned into two bottles...need I say more??? haha.  Then we heard the DJ in the pub say there was going to be a pub quiz...there was no way we were going to be leaving at that point so that meant...yep, you've guessed it...more wine!!!.  We didn't win the quiz, we even cheated using the app Shazam but we weren't too far behind the winners haha.

After the several bottles of wine and my huuuuuge steak dinner we left the pub and headed was at that point we decided that it would be a great idea at about 11:30pm to get into the hot tub!!! Haha god knows what the neighbours thought because we weren't quiet at all and the dogs were running around too haha.

Needless to say yesterday morning I was a broken woman!!  I have not suffered a hangover like it in so long that all I could do was take a big nap and hope that I felt better.  It's now Sunday afternoon and I still feel a little rough...this is not good, I'm clearly getting old and things are taking their toll on me much more these days haha.

I'm going to put this picture all over my house to remind me of how broken I became because of wine this weekend haha...

It's been a fun filled morning though so far as we have had my housemates older niece and nephew visit, it's her nephew's 17th birthday in a few weeks...they call me and our other housemate their adoptive auntie and we had bought the soon-to-be 17 year old a couple of tickets for his first music festival because he loves concerts and anything music so he'll be pretty excited when he realises what the three of us have bought him.  It's also Easter next week too so of course they couldn't visit without them getting Easter Eggs and gifts as well.

Despite the fun time I've had this and friend still didn't get round to planning our holiday...oops!! haha.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Verbal mauling, random purchases and intimidating boys...welcome to my life haha

What a week last week! Work was horrendous!! I have pretty much been mauled verbally last week.  I was in court for most of the week for work and was required to give evidence for one of my cases and I was given a really hard time.  I have never had so many people from all different departments asking me if I am doing OK because they all heard how awful the judge was towards me.  However it is what it is and it's something that I have to deal with in my job.  It left me emotionally exhausted.  Even today I had someone asking me how I was because they had heard on the "grapevine" that I  had been put through the mill last week. It's been really nice knowing so many people care.  If I'm honest it has only been today where I have been able to appreciate the support that I have had.  Last week I was genuinely just a shell and although I know everyone cared I just couldn't process it all and I felt like I finished the week off last week just went through the motions.

That led me to spending the weekend re-energising, I was so tired and didn't have any real energy to do alot.  I pretty much needed some "Caite" time at home.  I made it to the mall at the weekend and bought a few items for my holiday which is just a few weeks away and boy do I need some time away.  

I haven't blogged for weeks and so much has happened that I wouldn't know where to begin to go through what has happened and the next month is also going to be just as busy both professionally and socially.  I genuinely cannot believe that we are already in April, this year is seriously flying by.  My friend keeps sending me random picture messages telling me how many days it is until Christmas!!! I keep telling him to go away because there is no way I'm entertaining the idea of Christmas just's my birthday before then and that's more important than Christmas until 1 December haha.

One of my purchases this past weekend was a random was definitely an impulse buy but I love it.

That's right...I bought a cushion!! We all know has polka dots on it and so that automatically means I wanted it.  It is so comfy and huggable haha.  I only bought it a few days ago but I've already lost count of the times I have been holding the cushion in front of me, hugging and I've rested my head on the top and started to fall asleep haha and if it's not that it's on my bed and I'll lay across my bed with my head on the cushion and my feet on the floor and I'm usually laid in some awkward position but I am actually really comfy and I've started to fall asleep again.  So my random purchase is already proving to be an awesome purchase.

Today after work I decided to disappear off to the gym late afternoon because I knew I would be working for a while tonight.  I needed to de-stress because I'm pretty certain my manager was trying to wind me up today.  Getting into the gym to take my recent frustrations out was what I needed and then spending a little bit of time in the hot tub just watching the world go by was great.  I had the hot tub to myself, I think there were some boys (they looked about 19-20 years old) wanting to get into the hot tub but they were sat outside the Sauna and Steam Room talking it up and I don't know if I intimidated them (I know, how could little old me do that? haha) but they eventually left haha.

This is how I felt after time in the hot tub at the gym today...relaxed and just enjoying time to myself (this is me on holiday last year)
My social life is getting even busier than it normally is especially as the warmer weather is bound to be on it's way soon (not that you would have thought it today when I got severely rained on haha) matter how busy my life gets I am looking forward to some lazy days hanging out with friends and just being random and this...