Saturday, 4 January 2014

Wow...2014 already!!!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and New Year period however you have chosen to spend it.  

Christmas for me was a fun family event.  I made it back to my Mum and Step-Dad's after work.  My Mum had been up to my house in the day time to collect King Zeb and Coco and take them to her house for the festive period too. 

My amazing dogs definitely made themselves at home throughout the few days I was home...

King Zeb keeping my Mum company

King Zeb and his sister from another Mister - Coco showing each other some sibling love

The house was full of family throughout the Christmas period which was amazing as always.  I genuinely do not get home often enough so I love it when I get a chance to be there with everyone.

We were truly spoilt this year

Presents for all the family

Christmassy sun room

As with every year my doggies were spoilt and got into the spirit of opening presents with the family

Doggy treats

Not believing us when we tell them there's no gifts in there

My doggies are so fickle, they'll show their love to anyone that offers them treats

Miiiiiiine all mine!!!

Yummyyyy, even the cardboard tastes good
One of my favourite meals of all time of course is Christmas lunch, so much food and drink and so much fun as a family.

Everyone loves a sprout...oh and my parents of course haha

Drinks for Christmas Day morning

The legend that is my Grandma at Christmas Lunch

Christmas Day is exclusively family only and we spend the day at home playing board games, watching TV, and generally stuffing our faces with food and enjoying our time together.  I have a onesie that I wear all the time at home but in true awesome grandparent style they rocked their onesies on Christmas Day Night...there's a reason they are my role models and my world...

I absolutely adore them!!
It wouldn't be a Caite blog without a "selfie" kind of picture and the Christmas period was no exception...

After all the excitement of Christmas I think that King Zeb sums it up for all of us....

Being a rock star is hard...Time for a snooze...same time next year??? haha

The first few days of 2014 have flown by and I haven't made any new years resolutions, I'm certain those things are meant to be broken anyway so I would rather stick to living life and appreciating that I have amazing friends and family.

Tonight I have seen one thing that "upsets" me...a TV commercial for these...

Seriously???? It's more than 3 months until Easter!! There is no need for these things to be advertised just yet...soon enough we are going to have Christmas and Easter advertised all year round because I am sure it gets earlier and earlier every year!!

This year is proving to be as busy as the last one with plans for holidays, festivals, further progression and promotion at work and!!!! I do plan to update my blog much more often than I have been doing but work has been incredibly stressful and busy in the last 3 months and unfortunately the last thing I have wanted to do is sit and write more because I have been both physically and emotionally drained from the stresses of my work life.  I do have a post kind of written based on someone's horrible view point of me following a message they sent me and I didn't think I wanted to start 2014 with a negative and "ranting" kind of post but if I decide to post it, it will be in the next couple of days.

Anyway I'll leave my blog with one of my favourite songs at the minute...