Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Kissing a lot of frogs!!!!

Today has been....busy!

I have just finished as much work as I can handle tonight.  I was on the go all day in the office whether it being out of the office having to do duty stuff or chained to my desk dealing with the mountain of paperwork, reports and statements I have to write.  That's pretty much what I have spent my evening doing...more paperwork.

My love life...or distinct lack of it was topic of conversation AGAIN today haha...it seems that I am a confusing "little bee" when it comes to me and men haha.  My friend was telling me about her weekend and how she had seen three of her exes and how she was currently dating a few guys at the minute and that this was the way forward for me.  My friend preceded to tell me I worked too hard and I need to start getting in the dating game because it was a travesty that someone that looked like me was single, didn't have a boyfriend and wasn't  ...and then she threatened me with speed dating again!! haha. She then carried on to tell me that I needed to kiss a lot of frogs before I met my prince....I loooooved that cliche it made me laugh so much.  The more she went on at me about it and the more encouragement from our other friends that she was right the more I had to give it thought.  

Is the right way for me to get my arse in gear and start dating a couple of guys at a time?  I didn't think it was me, it has just never sat right with me, I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic in that sense...I think of the most idealistic situations and scenarios and if it doesn't fit into those then I often don't see past them but if I don't move forward then...I'm going to end up a spinster and I'll be living in the Scottish Highlands with no one around for miles with just a million animals for company and I'll have a nickname from the nearish by locals as animal loving lady haha.  So now I have agreed to give this dating lark a go (I'm pretty sure I had my fingers crossed when I made the promise to my friend haha) I have to find the men willing to take me on a date...the question is...where the hell do I find these men...and the right men of course!!! haha.

I'm going out for a night out on Saturday I guess the words...watch this space...are particularly relevant at this point...especially as I'm still not convinced it is the right way forward for me haha.

Anywayyyyyy enough of that haha!!!

Today at work one of the girls complimented me on looking very fresh faced and that my make up had looked great all day!  I told her it was thanks to this...

Urban Decay All Nighter Make Up Setting Spray
I decided to give this product a try this weekend at the music festival and then see how it did when it was a normal day at work and I have to say I love this product.  I was a little reluctant at the thought of spraying something in my face like that and had all these ideas that it would be like spraying hair spray or something like that in my face but it really wasn't.  It was a light and felt like a face refresher spray and my make up has looked fresh and like I had just applied it all day, including when I got rained on at the weekend it didn't affect my make up!! I definitely recommend this product!!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Six Word Saturday....(a little late!!!)

I'm a little late in participating in this but I'm going to pretend it's Saturday haha...


A little play on the famous Shakespearean phrase but the so true! I went to a music festival and I had the most unbelievable time.  Friday night was a silent disco which was so much fun, I forget what time that finished but the drinks were flowing and the dancing my friends and I were doing was definitely a lot of fun and a lot of making of each other dancing haha.
After the silent disco we carried on the party at our tents having drinks and chatting! Friday night was fun but we all knew that Saturday was going to be amazing. 

Saturday didn't disappoint especially when we got to see....


I had the best weekend!! I drank a lot, I danced a lot, I laughed a lot and I had a lot of fun.  That is simply how I can describe it because I don't think any other words would do it any justice.

Unfortunately I had to come early from the festival and left in the afternoon on the Sunday.  One of my best friends (who is also my housemate) became quite ill.  Most people thought it was because she had over done it on the alcohol and partying but it wasn't to do with that.  I had told her that if she didn't feel any better by the afternoon I would drive her car home and I would go home with her.  I know I had been so excited for the weekend but my friend and her health is more important.  We already have a friend who is battling thyroid cancer so friends health is very important.

Get Well Soon Bestie xo

Besties :-)

This is how we roll....

...when we are going away for the weekend haha

This morning my wonderful Mama drove the 100 mile round trip to my house to check on my friend.  My Mama is a Nurse and so we had called her from the festival for advice and when she knew we were coming home she had decided she wanted to check if she was OK.  

In the whole helping my friend get better today has been a public / bank holiday and so I had the day off work...I made us both French Toast and Plum preserve and it was sooooo good (even if I do say so myself haha). I even continued my domestic goddess stint and made us chorizo macaroni cheese.  It was amazing and I'm not even sorry to say that we ate the whole thing between us haha.

This week is going to be a busy week!  I am back at work tomorrow and then Wednesday I'm going on a little roadtrip which should be a lot of fun.  I know my friends and I are looking forward to it.  Then the weekend is here again and I am going on a night out with people from work.  A couple of my friends and I have booked a hotel room in the city we are going out in so I am tempted to go there in the afternoon and treat myself to an afternoon nap and a little bit of pampering before getting ready to go out and before the other girls arrive.  This night out is pretty much a guaranteed fun yet messy night out.  This group of friends is the one I was out with when I broke my toe and ended up with cut up feet (yeah I was the idiot who took her shoes off in the bar because they were hurting and walked through the bar, out on to the street and into a food place barefoot).

Speaking of pampering my Mama is truly the best!! When she came to my house to see if my friend was doing OK, she was telling us that she had been looking at some deals on the internet and came across a spa day deal which included two treatments and use of the facilities in a 4 star hotel in the city I live in.  She paid for me and my two housemates to go for the spa day together and to enjoy some pampering and relaxation time.  Her words were "you girls have had a lot to deal with this year and you all work so hard to achieve the things you want so I saw the deal and thought you deserved a little treat".  I swear to god we all had tears in our eyes...we had a group hug and said a lot of thank you's to my Mama.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Hello my name is Caite and....

...and today I ate McDonalds!!!

I want to say I feel bad about eating McDonalds for lunch but the fact is...I don't haha! 

It was a much needed rubbish food related lunch but I enjoyed it! 

I was in a pissy mood this morning because I was so tired and my Manager was being such an idiot and by the time I had come out of Court it was almost lunch time and I couldn't be bothered to battle with people sauntering down the aisles of the supermarket to get something for lunch.  I called ahead to the office and asked my friend if she wanted to partake in such rebellious behaviour!  It was liiiiiike music to her ears haha...and we even managed to get our other friend to join in haha.

While I was in Court for work this morning I was catching up with one of the girls that had left to work for another place (we have her leaving party next weekend) and our barrister was with us and pretty much laughing at us with how much we were gossiping about things going on in the place I work.  As we were chatting away our barrister asked "Which one of you smells nice? I can smell perfume and it's very nice".  We didn't know which one of us it was so we both stuck out our wrists for him to smell and it was my perfume!! He asked me what perfume it was...the smart arse in me always seems to come out with "witty" remarks and I said "eau de had my yearly shower".  I genuinely don't seem to be able to help myself some days haha but he came back with "I prefer eau de had my yearly bath on a girl but that one smells very nice". Was he flirting??? haha. I have to say all I could respond with was "good comeback, I applaud you!!".

The afternoon at work turned into the usual girlie gossiping and a bit of an impromptu re-arranging of the office.  A couple of the girls decided to move some of the stuff around the office to make the most of the space we have in our office.  It was hilarious watching one of the girls go off on a mini rant about the mess she found under desks that weren't being used and at one point we found a pair of roller blades!!! We have no clue where these things had come from.

This week seems to have dragged, normally my weeks whizz by but this week it's just seemed to go so slow.  I think it's because I have always thought it was a day ahead of what it actually was because I'm looking forward to the weekend.  This weekend I will be MIA from blogging because it is Creamfields!! I am looking forward to a weekend away and a weekend of music, drinks and fun with my friends.  This week has been pretty stressful at work and I can't wait for a chance to relax and not worry about things for a few days.  My intention is to forget about the world and put my life on almost complete shut down and just enjoy myself.

...I simply cannot wait!!

Enjoy the weekend! :-)

Monday, 19 August 2013

Counting down the days....

As always a trip home to see my Dad, Step Mum and siblings was great but went by way too quickly.  

It was fun catching up with my friends on Friday night...I haven't been able to see them for a while so a few drinks and dinner was pretty great...

All smiles being home for the weekend!!! - Friday night's dinner!!!

 ...and then Saturday was sibling day!  

We had a lot of fun going for breakfast and then onto the mission of buying my brother and sister school stuff.  We ended up with a lot of Ben 10 stuff for my brother and then some form of Princess stuff for my sister.  

We got lunch boxes, school bags, crayons, pencils, pencil cases, books and a couple of t-shirts.  We didn't have time to go bowling this time so we stopped by the supermarket and picked up some stuff to make cookies with.

Making cookies is always fun with those two because they both insist on getting involved and trying to mix the dough together but get bored halfway through and then it's left to me to finish off.  We ended up with two bags of chocolate chips so that they could both add the "best bit" into the mixture haha.

My sister is currently going through an obsession of how things cook and end up the way they do when they are cooked so she literally sat in front of the oven watching the cookie dough flatten itself down and counted down the minutes until the cookies were ready haha.  Me and my brother think it was so she didn't have to help put the dishes in the dishwasher and clean up haha.

Here are our master pieces....

We ordered pizza, got into our PJs and then ate pizza and then tried out our cookies.  They were pretty great even if I do say so myself haha

I love spending time with my little siblings and I never get to do it as much as I would like to but it was a lot of fun.

When I headed back home I pretty much sang all the way back!  Yep, I'm that girl you pass in the car singing away at the top of her lungs...Yup, I'm that girl who likes to dance away in the drivers seat when I'm stuck in a traffic jam...and Yup, I'm the girl with no shame haha.

I just got home from dinner with a friend and boy am I so full!  I stuffed my face with steak, chips, onion rings, peas and mushrooms...and even managed room for dessert.  In true Caite fashion I order a dessert that has a choice of custard or ice cream with it...I didn't want either of those.  I wanted cream...so my friend went to the bar and ordered and even though the man was disgusted at the idea that I was asking for something off the menu (if you don't ask, you don't get right? haha), he reluctantly told her that they had some cream.  While we were waiting for the desserts to arrive we were laughing and joking that they were probably going to spit in my food just to teach me a lesson...I won't go into the details but we were pretty graphic and I laughed so hard I almost...not quite...but almost lost the mouthful of my drink down my face haha...so classy!!

I'm on count down for the weekend.  It's a long weekend this weekend and I'm heading off to this...

It is going to be so much fun!  I'm also excited to see one of my best male friends - Matt!  I haven't seen him since before Christmas and he's one of those friends where you can go a while without talking to each other but as soon as you're catching up it's as though you've never been apart!  He is my friend from university and we have always been good friends.  We have never dated and have never had any interest in each other like that.  I remember the first few days of being away at uni at 18 years old...sat up until the small hours just talking about how we were from such close knit families and circles of friends at home and how weird it was to be away from home and everything we knew and the whole adjusting thing.  We have so much fun together and I know the other girls (my housemates) are equally as excited to see him.  My Mum LOVES him too!! haha!! 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

After an amazing weekend at home visiting my Dad, Step-Mum and Foster Siblings I made it back home and I am so tired even though I have managed to sneak in a cheeky little nap since I got home.  For the rest of the day I am having a lazy and relaxing evening before I start my crazy busy week at work.  I am definitely going to be putting in the hours this week to make sure I get everything I need to get done finished before the long weekend and heading off to a music festival (so excited for that haha).  

I am linking up with the Sunday Social for what I believe is the first time since I started blogging (seriously where have I been!!!!).

To take part in this I am answering the following questions:

1. What is something you've always wanted to do but are afraid of?
I really want to do something all dare devilish such as bungee jumping or sky diving but I am scared of heights.  I love things like flying and never get scared of being thousands of feet in the air flying in a tin can (come on there's no need to dress it up, it's a tin can flying through the air haha) but when it comes to heights I get scared.  That includes rollercoasters...I mean I love rollercoasters and the whole upside down stuff but I have to get through the fear of the carriage chug chug chugging up to the top like it's about to breakdown at any minute and all I can see is the ground getting further and further away from me haha...so tying a bit of elastic (yeah I know it's a big, thick piece of elastic or whatever material it really is but that's not the point haha) to my legs and jumping off a platform scares me haha.

2. Where do you see yourself in five years?
I genuinely have no clue.  I am about to embark on studying for my second Masters degree which will be completed in 3 years but other than that I have no idea.  Professionally I see myself in the same field of work because I love my job and the work I do, personally I have no clue, maybe within the next five years I'll find that special someone, but other than that...I see myself continuing enjoying life.

3. What are you looking forward to before the end of 2013?
I'm excited for lots of things that are happening this year whether it be going to music festivals, spending weekends with friends and hopefully embarking a new and fun part of my life.  I am also excited for December because of course that's when my birthday is!! :-)

4. What are your hopes for your blog?
Despite blogging for nearly two years I am still very much a novice at it and I'm pretty happy with being a novice.  However I would that my blog continues to grow in whatever shape and form it does. 

5. Do you always see yourself living in your current town/city?
I don't think I do.  I love where I live, it has been my home for so long and I have made it exactly that...home but I don't see myself here forever.  Do I know where I see myself living?  Not a clue.  It could be another place in the UK, it could be somewhere else in Europe, it could be anywhere else in the world.  I am lucky in that respect that I don't have commitments and ties, children or a partner to think about when I make life changing decisions.  I am also lucky that my job and career is one that makes me highly employable in most English speaking countries so the world is quite literally my oyster and I have a desire to learn and explore more about the world so I don't see myself staying here forever.

6. What is your morning routine?
I always set my alarm for a time I think I'm going to get up at, but in reality I know I'm never going to get up at that time, so when my phone goes off I hit snooze a million times or I'll change the time of the alarm to my latest possible time I can get up.
Check imessage, emails, facebook, instagram and twitter while trying to wake up properly.
Stumble out of bed and into the bathroom (my housemate and best friend recently told me I look like the creature from the black lagoon in the mornings...clearly I'm so pretty in a morning haha)
I'm not going to dress this next bit up...I go to the toilet haha!! I'm usually so lazy that I actually need to have a pee about an hour before but refuse to get out of bed!
Then I have a wash, brush my teeth, moisturise my face, put on my make up (putting my make up on is down to a fine art now and takes just 5-10 minutes).
Decide what I'm doing with my hair which is usually a ponytail, plait (braid) or left loose
Get dressed 
Grab something for breakfast when I get to work
Drive to work singing my head off and doing a little dancing in my seat haha

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. :-)

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Caitlin does exist!! hahaha!!! Yaaaaaaaaay! haha


Today is a GREAT day!! The search is finally over!! Thanks to one fantastic person I now know it's truuuuue  there is one of these actually out there!!!

Now I know I was never going to find a Caite!!! And Kate, Katy and Katie were just not good enough for me despite that being how you pronounce my name...But given my full first name is Caitlin and it's not even on the list of top 250 names here, I have been on a bitter and twisted journey with Coke about having all sorts of unique names on their list but no Caitlin.  But 13 clearly is my lucky number because on 13 August this little picture came into my life.  In the wonderful, beautiful Northern Ireland the Caitlin bottle exists!!!  It's amazing how such a simple thing has made my day!! I even did a little happy dance at work when I got the picture haha...and this perfect looking picture has been plastered all over my social media outlets today haha.

I felt a little better at work today having had a bit more sleep last night than the night before.  I am officially going to be a student, for the next year at least!  I am committing to the Masters Course a year at a time so that I can have a "get out" clause if I want to move jobs.  After all I have applied for a number of jobs around the world and at this stage in my life I don't want to commit too long to one particular job / service. But as of now while I'm working full time, I am going for a 2nd Masters Degree...and you know what the best part about being a student again?...getting a student union card for student discounts in stores and bars wooooooo!!!!!! haha.

I am so looking forward to this weekend.  I was talking to my Mama earlier today and she was asking me when I was planning on visiting her and my Step-Papa and when I was going to be visiting my Dad and Step-Mum.  It then dawned on me that I don't really have a free weekend now for a while.  I have a weekend away planned the weekend after this weekend coming up.  I'm going to a music festival that weekend, the weekend after that I am going on a night out with people from work for a friends leaving party and me and a couple of the girls have a booked a hotel for the night because it's cheaper to stay over than get taxi's home...and it means we don't have to worry about getting home and if it gets a little messy...although I need to make sure that I don't break my toe again this time hahaha.  The weekend after that some friends and I are going away again for the weekend and I have a feeling that trip will be messy haha.  Right now I think I have a free weekend in a months time but then it gets busy again after that haha.

With my social calendar pretty jam packed for the next few weekends my Mama said to me "I think you need go and spend the weekend with your Dad and everyone there, we have seen you a lot more than your Dad".  She was right!! (Didn't I say in a previous post I hate it when my Mama is right because it's seeming like a regular occurrence right now and I am really not liking this!! haha). So I am going to the Welsh Valleeeeeeeeys and I'm heading to see my Dad, Step-Mum and Foster Brother and Sister. 

It's actually pretty good timing because even though I send my brother and sister care packages weekly without fail, I always buy them new things for school.  It's the summer holidays right now and they have 6 weeks off school and in September they go back for the new school year and ever since they have been living with my Dad and Step-Mum I have always bought them a new school bag, crayons, pencils, pencil cases etc.  We always make a big day of it, we go for something to eat...including ice cream...and lots of it with lots of toppings haha...and then we go shopping and if there's time we usually fit in something like bowling.  If we don't have time for bowling we'll do something at home together such as baking cookies or muffins and then we eat them while we are in our pyjamas snuggled up together on the sofa (usually one of them at each side of me) watching TV or a movie.  

I have to say I'm really looking forward to getting away from it all for the weekend because I have seen the return of the party girl over the last week or two and I love being in the countryside and relaxing. Having realised how hectic life is about to get with university, work and socialising and some more traveling that I have planned, I am going to be in need of a relaxing weekend.

Although I say that I am going to be having a relaxing weekend, it doesn't mean an alcohol free weekend haha...I learnt all my party and drinking lessons from my family (both sides of my family haha)...As you can see my family love to have a good time!!!

Over the last few weeks / months a lot of my blog posts have mentioned the conversations I have with friends at work about singledom and finding the right guy.  I'm going to finish this blog with a little conversation that I had with one of the children I am the Worker for at work.  He's 6 years old...

6 year old boy: "Caite let me take a picture of you"
Me: "Ok" (pretending to pose for a picture with a toy camera)
6 year old boy: "ohhhhh Caite you broke the camera"
Me: "oh what, no wayyyyy".....
what hope do I have in life when a 6 year old is telling me my face broke the camera haha

Monday, 12 August 2013

I don't care....I Love It!!!

I am soooooo tired.  My plan for an early night last night didn't exactly go to plan and I ended up having a late one.  4:30am I got to bed last night!  Not that I'm really complaining because I had the best night.  A night of funny stories, laughing, a lot of "I'm going to bed in the next 15 minutes" and sure enough another hour passed by and then another and then another...you get the point haha.  It's rare to find someone in the world where you can talk and talk and when there was the odd silence it wasn't awkward, and there wasn't the need to fill the silences!!

This morning I was pretty much in my own world (more so than normal haha) and even struggled with the most basic of things at work like finding a box of staples for my stapler and actually knowing where I was going and what day it was haha...but regardless of that I had a smile on my face all day...even when my friend walked into the office and I had my eyes closed for a couple of seconds (I was not asleep, merely resting my eyes haha) I had a smile on my face.

As always the conversation in the office with the girls was colourful and hilarious as ever.  I am never sure how much detail I should go into on here about the conversations because I'm sure they're conversations a lot of girls have with their friends especially when it comes to making fun of each others love lives or non-existent ones in some of our cases but sometimes I think I would write too much haha.  Lets just say it covered a range of female related topics and some were more in depth and shall we say...graphic haha

One of the other things we talked about today was our next social activities and adventures.  One of my friends said she wanted us to do what my friends and I did a little while ago.  She wants us to pack our weekend cases, drive to our local airport and get the cheapest flights out of the country for the weekend and then when we get to our destination we'd figure out a place to stay, party the crap out of the weekend and then come home.  My friend knows I didn't need convincing for things like that and I'm more than ready for the unknown and the adventure.  There's a little bit of the unknown and to some extent randomness in my life at the minute but I don't care...I Love it!! (cue the Icona Pop song haha). It's what life is all about, the excitement of not knowing where events and situations take you, while I have a pretty routine life with my job and my day to day life but I love the adventures and spontaneity.

We're also trying to figure out a concert we can go to.  We were hoping to go to one particular concert but it's sold out near to us.  The concert is just a reason for the event, I think my friends plan was that we would have day and night of dinner and cocktails like we did at the last concert.  That was a great time!!

My dentist clearly didn't appreciate my efforts to keep my teeth nice and white, my appointment got cancelled...how rude!! haha.

I still took the opportunity to finish a little earlier than normal and got my 2 mile walk in before dinner...and then I made a pretty awesome dinner too and could quite happily eat it all over again tonight haha.

I'm about to watch one of the shows on TV that makes me cry without fail every time.  Long Lost Families. This is a show so close to my heart because of my job and I have first hand experience of making decisions that affect a child's life particularly adoption cases.  I am just so thankful that times have moved on and there is a much more robust and thorough process to allow children who have been adoption have a sense of identity and birth family history.  But I am a sucker for a good ending to a story and situation and I get very emotional and have a good cry when I watch the show. 

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Going back to work for a rest haha

Last night was a lot of fun again and it was another late night!!  I have decided that I am now on a no partying ban and no alcohol for a little while...OK that might not happen or stay in place for long but it's the thought that counts right?

Today I have started as I mean to go on and I have kicked my life and Sunday into touch haha.  I have been out this morning running a few errands and buying scone / pastry cutters.  I then went on a 2 mile walk to get rid of some of the alcohol in my system from the last few days.  The weather was perfect for walking, not too hot and a little bit of wind.  I usually time myself to see how I do and I was pretty impressed that it took me a little less than 40 minutes.  I'll be doing it all over again tomorrow as well.

I decided to turn my afternoon into a bit of a domestic goddess afternoon and made some scones...using my new cutters of course haha.  I'm looking forward to eating my scones with some raspberry jam and clotted cream!! Yummy! haha.

I fell asleep after my domestic goddess stint and boy did I sleep hard!! I could easily have fallen back asleep and slept the rest of the night away.

The last few nights when I have been out having drinks and dancing with my friends I have been ensuring that I have been drinking my drinks through a straw.  My friends make fun of me for it all the time but I don't care haha. I have a dental appointment tomorrow and I hope my Dentist appreciates the efforts I have gone to make sure my teeth stay clean and white haha.  I make no secret that I whiten my teeth.  I have also started using a whitening toothpaste too which I didn't think would be very good but I have to say I have been very surprised that it has helped with keeping my teeth white!!  

These old things of mine are having a check up tomorrow...hope Harry (my dentist) is happy with my teeth haha
I'm pretty happy it's Monday tomorrow because I am going back to work for a rest haha...isn't it usually the other way  round? People look forward to the end of the working week to have a rest from work? hahaha.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Six Word Saturday

I have been missing in action from this for a while but I'm back and participating in

Wow: I'm back with a vengeance!!!

After my kidney infection and generally feeling run down I came bouncing back and have had a busy and fun week.

I went back to work this week and it was busy but a lot of fun as always.  A couple of people had been off the week before so it was nice to see them and catch up on the gossip!!!...we're a team of girls, would you expect anything else?  haha.

This week I had to take my car into the garage to have some stuff checked out on it.  My car is only a few months old as I got it brand new but there have been a few things not quite right with it.  The passenger seat sensor appears to be faulty and the alert to say the seat belt has not been fastened keeps sounding off and flashing at me but there's no one in the seat...unless I count the ghost I am convinced is in my house haha.  There were another couple of things like that that needed checking out and because I had to work that day I needed a courtesy car.  Now my car is not a majorly expensive car but it's brand new, it's the highest spec of the model of car and I have had all the additional extras added into it.  I spend a lot of time in my car for work and visiting friends and family it's my little bit of luxury....so I kind of expected the same model of car as a courtesy car, even if it was the most basic of models....NOPE!!  I am not a snob when it comes to cars because I'm pretty much a girl and as long as I can drive it the way I want then I'm OK but this car was awful!!  I was so glad to give it back.  My car needs to go back in next week to have the repairs actually carried out and I used all my flirting and charm to ask for a courtesy car that was the same model as mine...the flirting was wasted, it was a girl dealing with me!!! haha...but I still got the car I wanted haha.

The last week I have seen the return of the party girl...Me!! haha.
I have been out a fair few times this week and I am going out again tonight.  I have had a busy few weeks and my housemates and friends didn't need to twist my arm to go out haha.
It has turned out to be just the sort of thing I have needed.  A few lot of drinks, a lot of dancing and a lot of fun.

Earlier this week Chloe and I were out and dancing away to some old school songs and were loving and shaking our thing on the dance floor to this...!!!

We were doing the actions like in the video and basically acting silly on the dancefloor, but that's my kind of night, not taking ourselves too seriously and dancing away.  We got a little bit of attention but it was all good fun and we just kept on dancing haha.

Last night we were out and it was a late one, we rocked into the house at some early morning hour having spent our night dancing and drinking again and again just having so much fun.  One of the songs we were dancing to last night was a song that is older than me! but it's such a good song haha.

Who knows what old school song we'll be dancing to tonight haha.

This week I have also been arranging a weekend away for the girls! I am so excited!  We have booked a place on a private lake with a private hot tub.  It's going to be messy I know that!  I was told yesterday that we needed to make sure we had enough alcohol to keep us all going for 2 days and nights haha.  We already know that we're going to cause some havoc and one of my friends has asked if we can go skinny dipping in the lake!! Good job I have my life saving qualifications haha!!

I have decided that I am in need of another holiday haha.  All my friends at work are going on holiday at the minute and the sun seems to have pretty much disappeared!! I need more sun and a relaxing holiday where I can laze around in the sun and read the days away!!

Seeing pics like these in my photo albums just depress me at the minute haha...

Let's see what fun I get up to tonight!! :-)

Monday, 5 August 2013

Yeahhhhhh I'm getting better!!

These bad boy antibiotics are working and I won't have to go into hospital for further treatment...I may be doing a little happy dance right now haha.  I also went home to my Mama and Step-Papa for a bit of home comfort and being looked after by my Mama.

I know I'm feeling much better because I returned to work and I have been my usual happy and silly self at work.  Last week before I was forced to take off I was a little miss miserable haha.  But being back in the office and seeing a couple of people that have been on holiday the last little bit (including my lesbian life partner haha...the wife and mistress are both still off work at the minute haha) and I was back to the "always up for a laugh, pain in the arse" girl that I am haha! (Up for a laugh, pain in the arse is  line in the song below) 

Cue this song this song that me and a couple of the girls were dancing around the office to wind up our Manager haha...I think it's safe to say he's missed us while he's been on holiday and within minutes of him being back we were giving him a hard time about stuff haha.

After a little dance around the office we then preceded to annoy our Manager further by talking about all things girlie...the girls were asking what teeth whitening kits and toothpastes I used because I mentioned I used one regularly and one of the girls wanted to try one before she went on holiday. One of my friends was then telling us about her friend who is doing body wraps and diet aids and a couple of the girls were quizzing our friend about that.  Then we got onto more girlie stuff to which our Manager just rolled his eyes at us and told us to get on with our work...it's safe to say we ignored him as usual.

I can't believe it is August already!  I don't know where the time has gone.  It's been a seriously busy summer with some changes of plans made to my path but I'm seriously excited for the up coming months.  This month is going to be super busy.   I have a few weekends away planned with friends which we all know are just going to be messy but so much fun...and there's some other good stuff but I'm going to stay quiet about that for a while!! haha