Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Ugh! I hate when my Mum is right haha.

It is true!! I have a kidney infection and boy do I know about it.

I am hurting, I have pain in my back and round my side, I am soooo tired and I feel like my body is just shutting down on me!!  Not fun times and I even had to leave work early today and I spent much of the afternoon asleep.  I feel like I could sleep all night tonight.

I have antibiotics and was told by the Doctor that if I didn't start to feel better in 3 days and/or if I developed a temperature then I may need to go to hospital and have antibiotics pumped into me intravenously.  I hope that the antibiotics I have been given start to work because the last thing I need is a short stay in hospital.

Before I left work today I got paid one of, if not the best compliment that I could ask to be given when it comes to my job.  One of my colleagues was giving me an update of something that had happened this morning regarding one of my cases which she had been overseeing for me.  She told me that she had been speaking to one of the Carers about me and how she had said to the carer that she was really glad that the children in question had me as their worker.  She went on to say that she had said that some workers do the bare minimum and take the easy option when it comes to getting outcomes for children.  She then said "but Caite isn't like that she fights for what is right for the children and in the best interests of the children, she's not afraid to go against the grain and tell people what needs to happy for the children to be safe and protected...and I'm really glad these children have Caite as their worker because Caite has some balls of steel and she doesn't back down if it's the right thing for the children".  My colleague said to me the carer leaned over to her and said "I agree, I'm glad they have Caite because she is good!!!".  I honestly could have cried when I heard that (I blame the kidney infection for my emotional state haha) because I genuinely do feel I work in the best interests in children.  I'm not interested in being a Manager's favourite, I'm not devastated if I'm not liked by professionals if I challenge them because it means I am doing my job and the children get what they need in life.

I'm still on my very bitter search for a "Caitlin" Coke bottle and was sooooo sour today when I found this today!!

Really??? It's a lovely name but is that reeeeally more popular in the UK than Caitlin? I beginning to think Coke have got some sort of beef with my name!! haha.  I feel this is starting to become an obsession of mine haha....

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Uh Ohhhhh!!

I'm in trouble with my Mum haha.

I called her earlier asking her for some medical advice (My mama is a Nurse).  I gave her my symptoms to which she sighed at me and told me it sounded like I may have a kidney infection!

Mum: "Caite you need to make an appointment to see the Doctor"
Me: "It will have to wait until Friday at the earliest then Mum"
Mum: "That's no good, if you have an infection in your kidneys then you need to get it treated straight away"
Me: "I know but I'm in Court tomorrow, have a student with me and then on Thursday I'm on duty"
Mum: "I understand that but what use are you to people you're supposed to be helping if you're not well yourself and you only end up making yourself worse".

....silence...she had me on that one...dammit...hate it when she's right haha.

Looks like I'll be making an appointment tomorrow!!! 

It's pretty quiet in our office at the minute because it's the summer holidays so a few people are on leave from work.  The rest of us in the office don't seem to have much motivation at the minute but we are still managing to have a laugh together and earlier today one of the girls who is relatively new to the team turned round and said "this office is full of nothing but periods, pregnancy tests and sex"...I don't know what she means...I mean we ALWAYS talk about whats for lunch every day without fail...and dieting of course...we are team of girls after all...haha.

One of the other single girls and I were talking today about how we have basically given up on men haha.  I know, I'm 25 I have all the time in the world right? But my friend and I have basically come to the conclusion that we work in a female dominated field and we spend so much time at work that we are never going to find someone to share life's adventures with.  We're not even talking about the world's greatest love affair or serious commitment type relationship, we're talking just someone to hang out with, do stuff with like go out to dinner, have movie nights together etc.  We have had this heart to heart a couple of times because my friend is really finding it difficult because she feels that she will never find someone.  Me, on the other hand, I just get on with things.  I don't dwell on it too much and figure if that kind of life is meant to be for me it will happen when it happens.  I just focus on the things I can control...doing well in my career, having a good family and a group of friends.  

One thing I wish I could control is Coca-cola and their advertising campaign they have going on here.  Yep, I'm an advertisers dream!  I fall hook line and sinker for some campaigns.  No more so than the "Share your diet coke with...." campaign.  This is where Coke have started putting people's names on the bottles.  Or have a general one with "friends" on it.
Cue lots of girls like me buying Diet Coke and looking for their name being printed on it...apart from me!!  My name - Caitlin... does not feature in the UK's 250 most popular names! WHAT...EVER!!! I don't believe that for a second.  I'm not naive enough to think that there will ever be a Caite but Caitlin? come on!! Yeah there's a Kate and Katie...AND...a Katy but nope no Caitlin.  I know people pronounce Caite either Kate or Katie but that's not good enough for me haha.  When my friend and I are at work and head to the store to get lunch, she manages to find her name (yay for her!! I'm not all!!)...then she tries to make me feel better by saying..."Caite, you have one with my name on it, orrrrr do you know a...." and then reels off all the names she sees!! This just makes me even morrrrre sour that there is no Caitlin.

So today I had to settle for this...ugh...

If you're reading this Coca-Cola (ok, I know they're not but I can pretend) get your act together and...GET A CAITLIN!!!!! Everyone needs a Cait(e)lin haha.

Is your name on the list??? Coca-cola Find your name

Because my Mama has moaned at me for not being well, I decided to do a little pampering tonight...used my favourite skin care products, whitened my teeth, made myself a nice dinner and about to relax to watch two of my favourite shows.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Caite and the three degrees!!!!

Sounds like a band, in fact there was a band called the Three Degrees wasn't there? haha.

Well anyway, that's pretty much something that could be very much real for me in the next few years.

I am a bit of academic!  I have an Undergraduate Degree in which I obtained a First Class Honours Degree (the highest undergrad degree in this country), not only that I have a Master's Degree and again worked hard to make sure I graduated with a Distinction (again the highest level of Master's Degree you could get).  I have always been a geek and loved studying and learning new things.  I have always worked hard to achieve what I have set out to achieve.  Don't get me wrong I lived the student life at university and it wasn't all studying in my life but I knew where I wanted to go and made sure I got there. 

Now, I have been asked if I would like go back to University and get a 2nd Master's Degree.  The place I am currently working at have asked me if I want to further my development and studying...and the best part is, they will be paying for it.  I technically don't NEED another Master's but it would help in my career development and in my long term plans it will stand me in good stead for where I want to progress to professionally.  The only question / dilemma I have right now is, do I want to commit the next 3 years to the same place of work and knowing that if I saw opportunities elsewhere I could be bound to my current place of work.  That's not the worst thing in the world but I am at a point in my life where I don't know where I am heading and what is going to come my way.  Up until this point and up until I got my Master's I always knew the path was academia in order to do the job I do now and now my life is open to interpretation!!!...Got some decisions to make I guess!!

Did they really give me a degree?


Me and my Mama

Proud Mama

The day the world agreed to give me a degree

Sunday, 28 July 2013

It's nearly the weekend again right?

Boy oh boy!  Yesterday was a fun day...I got ridiculously drunk with one of my friends!!!

We got a drink and then sat down at the table in the bar and my friend kind of did a huge sigh and said to me "I'm angry Caite". When I asked her why she replied with "I don't know, I just am, everything and everyone is getting on my nerves and I end up wanting to punch people's faces in, not you obviously but you get what I mean".

That response just had me laughing because she was so serious about it and she struggled all day to pin point what was annoying her.  I think her desire to just sit and drink was one of the reasons we got so drunk...that and I don't think we ate enough food yesterday...and the shots...ohhhhh the shots.

The shots at the end of the night tipped us over the edge I think.  I remember a girl going round the bar selling shots, she had two bottles in her hands, we had said no shots but we gave in and we had a few shots.  I would say how many, but the truth is I can't remember.  All I know is the girl sat next to me in our booth because we just kept buying shots.  We were having a conversation with her, I don't remember much about her other than she had lots of black curly hair...and I remember her being a really nice I wasn't so sure of my own sexuality I would have been questioning myself last night.  I remember telling the girl I liked her.  I didn't mean it in a sexual way, I just thought she was a sweet girl but she told me she liked me and I told her...Now I can just about remember this but this morning when I woke out of my haze I remembered this conversation and then thinking what on earth was I doing, the poor girl was probably thinking you drunken fool haha.

Prior to that my friend and I went on a mini bar crawl.  From what I remember...and that isn't much...we went into 6 bars.  The afternoon and night was basically the two of us putting the world to rights, people watching and basically drinking my body weight in alcohol haha.

It's safe to say it was messy, and I passed out when I got home.  I woke up this morning and I am pretty sure I was still drunk this morning.  I found my clothes in a heap in the corner, my shoes were wet through, turns out it was raining quite heavily last night haha.

Today has been pretty much a write off and I have not done anything other than drink litres and litres of water and eating...oh and I fell asleep.

So my weekend is over and it's back to work tomorrow!!! 

Oh's nearly the weekend again right???

Friday, 26 July 2013

In my own happy place!!!

It's Friiiiiiiidayyyyyy!!! haha!  The weekend is here, thank goodness!!

Girls night on Wednesday was so much fun. I had a cheeky glass of wine before dinner and then we all chatted, gossiped and laughed our way through the night.  The food was so good.  I had a full rack of ribs, sweet potato fries and onion rings....oh and I had an appetiser before hand too haha.  When I told my friend what I had ordered and eaten he didn't believe that I could eat all that food because I was too tiny.  That made me laugh.  I did later tell him that I had half of my ribs boxed up and planned on having them for lunch the next day.

We talked about pretty much everything the other night.  Dating websites, men, ex-boyfriends, ex-dates, current potentials and....SPEED DATING!! haha We decided we are going to go speed dating.  Even the girls in the office that have boyfriends and husbands want to come along because everyone thinks it's going to be a lot of fun.  One of my friends turned to me and another one of our friends and said "you two would love the one near Court (we go there for work a lot) because it'll be full older men and men who are professionals".  We laughed so hard at that because the girls think that me and the other girl wouldn't be in a relationship with just anyone...we call it having standards and being picky but one girl always laughs at us and calls us a snob.  Although we made fun of her because it seems she is turning into us slowly but surely haha.  So I think we're going to see what speed dating is all about haha.

I really did enjoy the night, one minute we were sitting down the next 3.5 hours had passed.  I really had the best time with no cares in the world, people watching, having fun.

Tonight it's a night in with the girls.  A few drinks are being consumed at the minute.  We're having a relaxing night in the house.  It dawned on me the other night when we were out to dinner and seeing a group of people celebrating a girls graduation from university that it was just over a year ago I qualified in the job role I do now.

Here are a couple of pictures from one of my graduation ceremonies...

I made some of the best friends I could have ever asked for  at university and I have some of the best memories of my life with the friends I made at university.  I am lucky that I still have these people in my life and that I can still call them my best friends.  I guess I have a wide circle of acquaintances however I have a close core group of friends that know me inside out.  They laugh at me, they are there when I am having a tough time and the tears are flowing and they're there to call me out on my bulls*** when I'm trying to kid myself about things in life.

I am genuinely in such a great place in my life.  I mean yeah I'm single and don't have that special someone but for me I have a lot of great things in my life and I have so much to be grateful and thankful for.

Tomorrow I'm going for drinks with friends and I cannot wait.  Just to sit and relax, chat with friends, have fun and have a few lot to drink haha.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Tomorrow night is girls night!! :-)

I'm having dinner with the girls from work.  All of us that are going are all single (apart from one girl but we'll let her join our secret club for the purpose of dinner haha).

I have to say I'm really looking forward to the night.  None of us will be drinking because we are all driving and we quite literally will all be driving off in opposite directions to each other.  One of the girls is on holiday this week and she wants to meet up for dinner...she clearly misses us that much haha.

What I am looking forward to is just being able to sit and talk about life and poke fun at our failed attempts to find boyfriends haha.  The girl with a boyfriend can join in because she is waiting for the ring on her finger and every anniversary or momentous occasion (so basically any day that ends in a Y qualifies as a momentous occasion these days haha) we are always asking if her boyfriend has proposed haha.  I am the youngest out of the group and even I am giving up the ghost of ever finding the right guy these days haha.  The other girls range from a couple of years older than me to around 9 years older than me so they always tell me that if I have given up on finding Mr Right then they have no hope haha...(although in typical girl fashion, we're all secretly hoping for that one guy that sweeps us off our feet haha).

Of course we are being dramatic and girls and saying these things for effect and to be funny...but it always sparks a funny conversation which then moves on to a graphic conversation hahaha...the team is all girls, what would anyone expect? haha.

So tomorrow night is going to be a case of gorging on yummy food and girls gossiping away.  However with that it means that I am working late tomorrow night.  I have an office day to get to grips with new cases despite this I'll be working until 7pm!!  I am a girl who likes her food haha and I plan on eating my own body weight in food tomorrow night (ok that's a little excessive but you get my point haha)...but I am going to have to make sure I have lots of fruit with me tomorrow because by 7.30pm I'm going to be soooooo hungry haha.

I also seem to have been unofficially been newly appointed the social events coordinator for the team at work.  It's stuff that I love doing, looking at all the different places and different events for us to do.  I have taken on a new challenge for the group which will see us going away together for the weekend.  Lets just say, it's going to be a lot of fun, and a messy time haha.

I think about my friends both in and out of work and the things we get up to and I actually find myself smiling away.  Weird? haha probably but the last day or two has kind of confirmed what I already friends are amazing!!   The girls at work make the day so much fun, we have a closeness that is amazing, we talk about literally everything, constantly make fun of each other but always protecting each other.  In the last day or so I have acquired a work wife, lesbian life partner and a mistress!!! haha...that's just an indication of the randomness of our team.  One of the other girls called another girl in our team the "Team bike" because she's been dating a couple of guys over the last 12 months!! I think it takes a special set of people who work together to truly get the humour in which some of the stuff is said.  We never mean any malice in what we say it's just pure fun!

Yesterday I was working away and my friend came into the office really quickly and I heard "Caite, Caite, you left some paper work in our office, I need you to come to the office quickly".  In typical Caite Morgan style I looked over at the door where my friend was stood, I was so confused! I didn't remember leaving paperwork anywhere!!  But me being me, got up from my desk and walked down the corridor with my friend linking arms with me.  He then stood in the corridor in view of one of the other rooms of our building.  He made a gesture with his eyes saying look into the room and tell me what you think, hot or what???.   I looked in and there were too guys there!! haha...he was talking about the more muscly and taller guy!  He really didn't do it for me!  Not because he was tall and muscly but his face didn't do it for me!! haha.  My friend was disgusted that I didn't like his choice in crush and called me a disgrace haha.  We then got onto discussing ideal men!  I told him that if this man came my way and said "Caite, I want you", I would be telling him...Not a problem haha.

Adam Richman...of Man Vs Food fame...LOVE HIM!!!
Hmmmm....what are my chances of meeting this gorgeous man and take myself off the list of singletons at work? hahaha.  Until then maybe I should rename my blog "Life as Caite Morgan: the ramblings of the eternally single girl"  hahaha.

I'm going to end this with a couple of songs that I am loving at the minute.  None of them are new but just ones that make sense right now :-)

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Is that it? Is summer over now??

Again it's been a while since I updated this thing.   I seem to have gone through the same "lull" a year ago and I didn't post much throughout the summer.  So my aim is to be a little better and start posting a little more regularly.

Things are pretty good at the minute.  I mean we have had some testing times recently within my family and friends.  My Step-Dad recently had a cancer scare which thankfully he has been given the OK and that the shadow on a recent scan is not cancer.  We got confirmation just this morning which has been good.  My friend who I wrote about on the Six Word Saturday a few months ago having had thyroid cancer, well unfortunately we are not sure if it the cancer has returned.  A tough and testing time at the minute but all of our friends are focusing on her and giving  her as much support as possible.  I deal with tough and challenging situations at work but this is nothing in comparison to what she has and potentially is dealing with again and she is such an inspiration to me and all of her other friends as we are amazed by her sense of optimism and refusing to let this beat her.  She is one of my best friends and I am immensely proud of her.

It has been a busy summer so far, I can't believe how quick the month has July has disappeared.  I'm almost worried to start going into stores soon because I think it was around July time last year that i saw the first Christmas Cards and decorations in stores.  No matter how much I love that time of year, it's a little too early for all that kind of crazy stuff haha.

This morning I was woken up at about 6:30am to the loudest crash of thunder I have ever heard in the UK.  Seriously it was so loud I think it was right over our house because the second crash of thunder I swear I felt and heard the house shake.  At one point I wasn't sure if it was thunder, bombs or gun shots.  It was so loud...and then a major downpour of rain followed the crashes of thunder.  The weather has now changed a little and I wonder now if the sun and hot weather that the UK has had recently was the extent of the summer for Brits.

Speaking of Brits....we have a new Royal Baby!!! and it's a Baby Boy!

I honestly was hoping it would be a girl so that the change in a 300 year law played a part of the child's life (this is the law where up until recently if Will and Kate had had a girl first and then a boy second then their first born as a girl would be bypassed as heir(ess) to the throne and their son would have been next in line to the throne.  However the change in the law meant that any child regardless of their sex would be future King or Queen...and of course the longest reigning monarchs are women - Queen Victoria and the current Queen Elizabeth II).

It's amazing to see the scale of interest for a child that is just over 24 hours old but if there's one thing that the UK does better than anyone else in the world it's Royalty.  No one does the Royal Family quite like us Brits.  Some friends and I were talking about the worlds obsession regarding our Royal Family and I can see that it is fascinating and every major event is done on a major scale and we have had quite a few major events over the last few years with Will and Kate's wedding, the Queens Diamond Jubilee and now Baby Cambridge's arrival.  However one of the things my friend was telling us about was a few years ago she was working at a summer camp in another country when the news broke that the Queen Mother had passed away.  My friend didn't know it at the time but one of her friends said to her "I'm sorry for your loss", my friend had no clue what she was talking about until her friend informed her of the Queen Mother's passing.  It's a sad event but my friend was so confused because as she told us "It's not like I knew her personally or anything".  However the obsession with anything British Monarchy related and it was a big deal to where she was.

Will, Kate and the baby have now left the hospital and have headed home to enjoy their time together as a family.  I'm not overly into the Royal Family but I do believe that Will and Kate have done a lot in terms of dragging an ageing Monarchy into the 21st century.  The Prince and the Commoner, a modern day couple...hopefully the family are now allowed to spend time as a family in private.

Ps How amazing did Kate look having given birth just over 24 hours before!!! :-)

Baby Cambridge

Now it's time to relax for the rest of the night before the latest episode of the worst best TV programme on British TV right now...Geordie Shore hahahaha

Not usually a massive fan of this group but I love this song and the lyrics!! haha

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Having such a good time, having a ball...

It's been a pretty fun time recently and I like to think some of the pictures I've posted show a bit of the fun I've had recently.

I thought I'd let the pictures do the talking today.  Although I'm sat relaxing at the minute and listening to a bit of music and I'm loving some of the songs that have been playing.  They take me back to simpler times and remind me how much I was in love this man and his songs when I was younger haha....

Robbie Williams

One of my favourite songs by Robbie Williams - Strong

Love this song - Karma Killer

This song has just been on and I can't believe I forgot about this song, I loved it when it first came out...

"She can't sing, she can't dance, but who cares? She walks like Rihanna!!!"

Or, if you're me then I'm singing "I can't sing, I can't dance, but who cares? I can't walk like Rihanna". 

I've never been a fan of this band but this song I can't help but like it...

I'm pretty sure I dance like the girl in the video when I'm drunk haha

Sunday, 14 July 2013

For the greater good or just a nosey parker???

It's warm!! REALLY warm out there at the minute.

So something that happened recently recently annoyed the crap out of me, so much so that I decided to take action.

I'll set the scene.  I was sat eating an ice cream (the ice cream was awesome!!!) and I watched a situation unfold.  I'm sat minding my own business and watch three guys at two cars messing around with windows, etc.  I see two elderly people, one in each of the cars.  Looking at them it was clear that they had mental health conditions such as dementia.  One person was originally sat in the front passenger seat but was moved to the back seat.  As I watched I could see the three guys figuring out how to put the child lock on in the back of the car and figuring out how to open the back passenger windows.

I watched the three men open the back window a little but make sure the back doors of the cars were locked so the two elderly people couldn't get out.  The three men even looked in my direction to make sure no one was looking at what they were doing.

Of course if the person in the front of the car had stayed where he had originally been he would have been able to leave the car with no problem but once in the back seat there was no escape when the child lock was on.

After the three guys had sorted out the child lock and windows they disappeared off into the stores that were close by.  I sat eating my ice cream talking to the person I was with.  I had been talking to them throughout watching what was happening and the fact that the three men were planning on leaving the two elderly people in the back of the car while they did their thing.

I was so annoyed by this.  The weather was already at 30 degrees Celsius / 86F and there is no way people should have been left in the cars.

These were elderly, vulnerable people.  There are so many campaigns about leaving pets in the car, and about reports of leaving young children in cars that have literally suffocated because of the heat.  These two people were no different, they were vulnerable, they were unable to verbalise their feelings and needed care and support from their carers, not being left and dumped in the cars while the carers enjoyed themselves.

After 5-10 minutes the guys had not returned and I was seriously rattled!!  I told the person I was with I was going to see if the people in the car were alright.  I had to.  My profession is ensuring people are safeguarded and are no put at risk.  Yeah I know, I work with children but safeguarding vulnerable people is a part of my remit. I walked off and walked past the cars, and then I was off!! I was searching for the owners of the cars.  I spotted them going in and out of a number stores.  As they were leaving one store and heading towards another I ran up to them and said "excuse me". They looked at me as if I was crazy.

I asked them if they owned the cars I saw, they said yes and I asked them if they were care assistants to which they replied no.  Upon hearing this I asked why there were people in their cars that they had  left if they weren't care assistants.  They couldn't answer me.  I calmly explained my profession and told them they had one of two options....they either told me the name of the company they worked for or I called the Police because what they were doing to the vulnerable people they were being paid to care for was a form of abuse.

They followed me back to their cars and tried justifying what they had done.  They told me they were going to get the elderly people food however I challenged them and said just before I approached them they had been in a clothes store and when I stopped them they were heading into another clothes store and not a food store.  They continued to try and justify their actions by saying one person wasn't able to walk for and that they had only left them for 5 minutes.

It was at this point I lost it.  I am not ashamed to say that I raised my voice.  I was in the car park shouting at them as they tried to justify everything.  It angered me more and more that they hadn't grasped the concept that these people were vulnerable people, they were left in the car in temperatures outside the car were in the late 80s and inside the car it would have been heading towards 100F or more and that they couldn't leave people in the car when they were being paid to care for these people.  They continued to justify their actions!  I'm sure they wouldn't have left a pet or child in the car so why was it acceptable for them to leave an elderly gentleman who could not verbalise this feelings in the car....IT WASN'T!!

I was seriously losing it.  I couldn't get my head round their justification and their nonchalant attitude towards the concerns I had.  I repeated if they didn't tell me what company they worked for I would report them to the Police.  I took pictures of their car registration plates and told them I would be reporting them to the police.

I honestly argued with them for 15 minutes while they tried to justify it all.  The funny part was people were stood watching or walking past but never said a word.  Its a shame that people don't feel they are able to get involved in moral or ethical situations.

I am sure some people will think I was simply sticking my nose into stuff that didn't concern me but I am sorry my profession and my own ethical and moral views and obligations meant that I could not let this situation go on and the welfare of vulnerable was more important to me than what people said to or thought of me.

I'm not ashamed  for intervening, I'm not ashamed for telling people what I thought of them and what they were doing.  I'm proud of myself for standing up for what I believe in and making sure vulnerable people are protected to the best of my ability, after all, the difficult situations and protecting people is what I signed up for!!!

Sunday, 7 July 2013


What are the British known for?

Cue a list of stereotypes right?

  • Bad Food?
  • Bad Teeth?
  • Bad Weather?
I'm sure there's an even longer list but I'm pretty sure they're the main ones.

We're not known for our sporting domination in...well any sport!! 

What is our National sport?
  • Football (Soccer)? we are terrible at that on a National level!! 
  • Rugby? Does anyone outside of the Commonwealth Countries, France, Italy and South Africa really know anything about Rugby? 
  • Cricket? Zzzzzzzzz.....yup even I fell asleep at the thought of that!!
 So who knows..I think we are/were world champions at tiddlywinks at some point so maybe it's that!!! haha I don't know.

But today...the 7th day of the 7th month, 77 years since a British male won the Wimbledon Men's Singles Final...British tennis player Andy Murray is in his 7th Grand Slam Final attempting to prevent Novak Djokovic from winning his 7th Grand Slam title.

Well....the sun is shining very brightly today!! Murray has relatively decent teeth (his girlfriend has great teeth so by default it passes onto Andy haha) and Wimbledon is associated with the great food of strawberries and cream...soooooo if this Wimbledon Men's Final goes the right way today we may just have tennis as our new National Sport hahahaha.

The first half of this blog was written during the match!

The second half is being written at the end of the match and all I have to say is....