Tuesday, 26 February 2013

If I were a boy...

...I'd be a RACING CAR DRIVER HAHA...I am a bit of a Speedy Gonzalez...

I am so tired! I just got back from another 450 mile round trip...all for a 45 minute appointment for work.  Insanity right???  It's been such a stressful trip I must have gone through about 20 different sets of road works, then there was the girl who thought it was funny to stay in the outside lane and not let me pass and then when she finally did she moved back in the outside lane flashing her lights and giving me the finger...such an idiot!

I eventually made it to where I was going, a 45 minute appointment and then back on the road I went...it wasn't going too bad until I was just 18 miles from home...BOOM...traffic jam.  It took me an hour to drive 18 miles...AN HOUR!!! Haha...I was trying to be patient but after spending 8 hours in the car enough was enough haha.

I was so bored I had made my voice hoarse because I had spent the time I was driving singing and singing!  The car was a hire car so it didn't have the same stuff as my car.  My car is by no means a massively high end car but it's only 4 months old and I had the car made to my specifications and it's my little bit of luxury...so I had to make CD's for the hire car because my Iphone couldn't be hooked up to the car...I ended up singing to the same 20 songs for the whooooole 8 hours haha...as much as I love the songs I put on the CD I don't mind not hearing them for a while haha.

I think it's time to watch TV now and refuse to think for the rest of the night haha.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Six Word Saturday

I haven't participated in Six Word Saturday for a couple of weeks but I'm back in doing so.

Life is great but so busy

That's pretty much how I would sum up my life right now.

Everything is going so great at the moment but I am so busy.  It seems like my social life has just soared!  I socialise with my friends that live nearby regularly throughout the week and weekends but I have been on so many trips and nights away catching up with friends that I haven't seen for a while or going away to celebrate birthday's etc.

In this year alone I have been to Austria and Sweden.  I have just returned home from a trip to see friends.  I have so many other trips planned throughout the year including a trip to Croatia.  I seem to have agreed to go to Amsterdam last night when I was drunk and we also booked tickets to go and see an outdoor Shakespeare play.  I have never been but my friends have and really enjoyed it because it's a chance to enjoy any nice weather, watch a classic play and have a picnic and champagne so I'm excited for that.  I have music concerts and festivals planned throughout the year as well and mixed in with that I have work.  I am as busy as ever with work and I am still loving what I do.

Now I'm home from my friends it's my first real day in what seems like forever to just sit and relax.  I love how busy things are right now but my Sunday today is going to be curled up on the sofa under my blanket watching easy watching shows, eating yoghurt and drinking chocolate milk (haha I'm like a little kid).   
Full of smiles, loving catching up with friends

    Full smiles loving catching up with friends

Thursday, 21 February 2013

All the single ladies...

I'm officially one happy and excited girl.

The reason??? I'm going to see Beyonce!!

For once it has paid off being an O2 mobile phone customer.  I was able to buy tickets for the Manchester arena concert in May...it took 40 minutes of trying and I was starting to give up trying.  O2 customers are able to buy tickets for concerts in the UK up to 48 hours before they go on general sale.

I got into work this morning about 8:40am and I logged into the O2 priority website and pretty much did no work.  As soon as 9:30am hit I was on with trying to get tickets.  I had a friend (who is coming to the concert) logged in as me as well trying to get tickets.  Every time we got to the page where we could select tickets we were told they had no tickets or we could only have 1 or 2 tickets.  We kept trying and we were getting ready to admit defeat when it suddenly let me get to select tickets, select the number of tickets I wanted and go through the payment process.  At each stage we were all getting excited because we hadn't made it to selecting seats or being able to pay...it got to the stage where I was putting in my card details and address and we were so excited...then I had to verify my ID through my online banking verification and there is was...confirmation that I had got the tickets...cue absolute mayhem in our office.  We were going crazy, my friend ran over to me and gave me the biggest hug ever and then we started dancing around the room singing "all the single ladies" then my friend  ran through the building corridor into our reception area and into our admin workers room singing "we're going to see Beyoooooonce, we're gonna see Beyoooooonce" (I don't think the Admin Manager appreciated my friend disturbing her staff but my friend was oblivious to it).

My friend told literally everyone she saw in the corridor that we had gotten tickets and basically made it known to everyone that I had done no work all morning haha.

Then when we came back to earth we then thought...we better book a hotel room before the hotel companies hike the prices up...we got a great deal for the three of us to share a room.  We'll be out having dinner and drinks before the concert so we didn't need anything fancy, just somewhere clean and safe to sleep in.  So that got booked!

Then we suddenly sat there and thought...it's a midweek gig (British slang / word for concert) and that we would all need the afternoon of the concert off and the day afterwards...that's half of our team needing time off together...we were like "lets get our annual leave sheets out now and dump them on his (our manager) desk, he can't say no, we never ask for time off together".

I'm really surprised we got tickets! I had a look last night on line and it said there are 28.1 million O2 customers in the UK.  Now I know that not everyone of those customers will want tickets but there's a good chance that a lot of them know people who did want tickets and had registered for them.  The arena I'm going to holds 21,000 people and such an amazing venue, I have been to a number of concerts there. But to think how few tickets were actually available before they go on general sale compared to how many O2 customers there are it was pretty impressive that we got tickets.

I rang my Mum and my Step Dad answered...Mum was at the hairdressers...dammit...so he got the million words a minute...he just laughed and said "did your Mum know you were trying to get tickets?" I was  too excited to reply properly and said "I don't know, I think so, aaaaarrrrgggghhhhh who cares, we got them, I'll ring Mum later" my Step Dad laughed said OK and bye.  A bit later I got a text from my Mum saying "hear you got tickets woohoo" haha...gotta love my Mum.

I don't claim to be her biggest fan but if the TV commercial playing for weeks and weeks is anything to go by then it's going to be one hell of a show...it's going to be a huge stage show...and I can't wait!!!

And because this was our dancing around the room song earlier I'm ending my blog post with this:

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Do you smell smoke???

The student survived!! She made it through the day with me at work and even said that she enjoyed the day and had learnt a lot...AND even told me that she admired what I did...I'm not sure if that was just to massage my very small  ego or if she meant it.  Either the way one of our admin ladies had picked up on it while we were all sat eating lunch together and then later teased me saying "Caite your student said she admired you earlier, are you sure she was talking about you or have you been on your best behaviour?" ... I replied with "I don't think she was talking about me because lets face I am never on my best behaviour". 

Me and my student had time to stop our work with a little Costa treat!

I managed to pick up another job earlier today...my Manager called me today to talk through a couple of things and I told him about it and he was very wary of it because he thought I was going to be leaving and then I explained it would be for just a couple of hours per week or even just a couple of hours per month and he was fine with it.  He eventually liked it because it meant I was building working relationships with other services...Sooooo my new job is working with a local charity that helps children and their families in need of help and assistance whether it be with clothes, day trips for the children who don't get the opportunity to leave the town to some bigger household items.  I went to see a woman at work earlier about something completely unrelated and we got into a conversation about what my experience and previous history was and I was being invited to help and join the committee.  I actually thought why on earth not?  It'll be great experience and it'll look great on my CV / Resume, so I'm off to my first meeting in a couple of weeks.

The last few days something really weird has been happening to me...no matter where I am or what I'm doing I can smell smoke right under my nose.  It's starting to freak me out...I don't smoke, no one in my house smokes, my friends at work don't smoke and I generally don't go anywhere smokey yet all I can smell is smoke.  Sometimes it's stronger than other times but sometimes I get a really strong waft of smoke.  I'm convinced that I have a ghost following me around of someone who used to smoke when they were alive but it's only been in the last few days that this has been happening...so weird!!

Now it's time to enjoy the BRIT Awards...Love this music award ceremony...and I'm loving that the actual BRIT awards are designed by Damien Hirst and they have my favourite thing in the world on them...POLKA DOTS haha

BRIT Awards 2013

Monday, 18 February 2013

I think I'm officially getting old!!!....

....Haha!  Yup this 25 year old "spring chicken" is getting old!!!  I went out with the girls from work on Saturday night and I felt a little rough yesterday morning, but this morning...WOW! I felt like I wanted to throw up and my head was pounding...I had a 2 day hangover!!!!!

The girls at work thought it was hilarious especially the ones who are older than me and had no hangover!  I blame the crazy coloured drinks that I shared with one of the girls.

I did have a great night though.  I hardly ever get food after the night at a local takeaway but a couple of the girls wanted food so we found a little place which was soooooo busy.  The food was questionable and with the news that our supermarkets have found horse DNA in our beef burgers in store it led to us joking (kind of haha) that our food was random animals because it was awful food.

My friend stayed over and ended up sleeping on our sofa...it was me that drove her home in her little black dress...we made it to her house via McDonalds haha.  We demolished breakfast wrap meals with nooooo problem haha.

I made it through the first day back at work though with relative ease after eating my body weight in chocolate croissants in the morning and taking a few painkillers haha!!

It was nice to be back in the office after a week off.  I have had a relaxing time while I was on leave from work but boy have I crammed a lot into a week haha.  Sweden was amazing, relaxing and just awesome. 

After a couple of hours back in the office it was like I had never been away but I wasn't really complaining.

Tonight is a relaxation night, no plans other than watching TV, eating take out Chinese and hanging out with my housemates...pretty perfect for tonight I think.

Friday, 15 February 2013

My little valentines

...for yesterday!!!

It's been a few days since I updated my blog.  It's been a busy few days too.

Yesterday was Valentines Day and I am currently in Wales visiting my Dad, Step Mum and my Foster Brother and Sister.

I arrived back from Stockholm yesterday and drove straight to Wales.  It's so nice to be here.

My little sister has pretty much not left my side since I arrived.  My Step Mum arranged with school that I would be the one picking my sister up but she didn't know.  I went into her class room to collect her and I was greeting with her squealing in excitement and shouting "CAAAAAAIIIIIIITTTTTTEEEEEE".  After running up to me and flinging her arms around me she proudly told her teacher that "This is my sister Miss".

It made me smile that she was so excited to see me.  People who regularly read my blog will know that last month I had to drive to Wales for work but didn't have time to see family and my little sister was heartbroken that I was always helping other children but didn't have time for her.  So I was so happy that I could spend my Valentines Day with her and my family.

At home I was surprised with Valentines gifts from my little brother and sister...my Dad and Step-Mum had bought some red roses and oriental lilies and some Marc de Champagne chocolates for me...my sister is the younger of my brother and sister and she found it such a big game sneaking around the house planning on how to spring the flowers and chocolates on me.  I don't have a significant other to have been spending Valentines day with, but that simply didn't matter because I couldn't have asked to spend the day with anyone else other than my family.

My beautiful flowers from my adorable little valentines
Tonight we have been out for dinner with extended family for a 80th birthday.  I can't describe how much I love being back in Wales.  I love spending time with my family especially I don't get to see them very often.  Spending the evening with some of my older family members means I have been putting my Welsh speaking skills to good use.  My friends back at home where I live and work are going to know I have been back home in Wales because my accent is always a little more Welsh sounding when I return.

Birthday Cake...complete with the Welsh Flag #patriotic haha

Before I got to Wales I went away for a few days with friends.  We went to Stockholm and OH WOW!!!  What an amazing city and Sweden...what an amazing country.  I had such a great time.  We did some sight seeing, ate so much great food and had a ball in the house we rented and outside in the snow...and of course the outdoor sauna haha.

It was so nice to get away and have some time away from work and get some much needed relaxation. I highly recommend visiting Stockholm if you haven't already.

Tomorrow is the long drive back home and I'll be back in time for an afternoon snooze before getting ready to go out for a work night out.  Going out with the girls from work is always fun...the last time I went out with them I ended up very drunk, and in a swimming pool at 4am!! I'm really looking forward to it...It's going to be messy haha. 

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Six Word Saturday...

I might be away right now and I'm a little late in this but it's Six Word Saturday time...


On the plane sandwiched between these two haha

It's true we actually have our own sauna!

All smiles for the sauna

Absolutely gorgeous place!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I am so excited! I have some time booked off work and I had plans for my time off but now something even more exciting is happening...I'M GOING TO STOCKHOLM!!! haha...to continue the birthday celebrations that have been going on within my friends there are a group of us going to Stockholm.

I was invited when it was originally being planned but had to turn it down due to having something else planned but that isn't happening now and I am excited for the plans we have.  We have hired out what I would call a cottage for a few days...I have never been to Sweden.  I love travelling so this is right up my street in terms of fun.

The Swedish are known here as being some of the most friendliest...and most beautiful people in the world...so maybe I'll find myself a gorgeous Swedish man who will whisk me off my feet haha.

I have been so excited all afternoon that I have not really been the most productive and have been instagramming silly pics and googling Sweden, Stockholm etc haha.  I even finished work early today, it's been a pretty awesome day all around....woooooooooooo!!!

Now time to get myself ready to go and celebrate one of my bestie's birthdays...

Love this girl!  Chloe - AKA Anna Nicole haha

Monday, 4 February 2013

You must not know 'bout me...

Busy day today but it was a successful day!

Once I finally made it into the office there were the usual random conversations and laughter.  I had a couple of crappy days but I honestly have great friends both in work and outside of work that made me feel so much better and made me realise that things weren't worth any stress or upset.

I got my daily hug from will.i.am...no no not the singer, but the guy at work who wants me to have his baby! Random right? He's in a relationship, but always gives me Caite hugs, always tells me we should have a baby together, he tells me "with your looks, brains and humour Caite I would have a great child" haha...fear not though, I am not about to embark on some great affair with a guy in a relationship, not my style for a sort...and Mr Will is...well...gay!! haha so its all in good fun and his way of making me smile when I have a rough day.

I'm so sleepy tonight and was planning to be asleep by 10:30pm (it's 10:36pm as I'm writing this)...but...

I think I drank too much peach juice

I ate too much at dinner time

I then proceeded to eat a Muller Chocolate Orange Yoghurt (which are soooo good)

and I'm writing my blog so I'm aiming to be asleep by 11.
I am in desperate need of some sleep! Last night I was awake at 5am and eating chocolate in bed!

Let's hope I get some sleep tonight...I didn't watch the Super Bowl last night, it's nothing something that interests me being a non-American but I believe Beyonce looked awesome and sounded awesome last night so I thought I would share my favourite Beyonce songs because they are great attitude songs when you want to send a message to someone haha...enjoy!!!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

I'm walking away....

Have you ever had a friendship or relationship where things just leave you so confused as to what is happening and why it's happening?

One of those friendships/relationships where you feel you're doing the right thing...listening and recognising the other people's cue's and needs...you give someone space, you give them more attention, you act happy to try and pull them out of their mood even though you're frustrated at the situation you know they have created etc...but the one issue that didn't seem major at the time and really wasn't an issue drags on for a days on end?  No amount of asking what's wrong or how can I make it better or even no amount of trying to make it better, even though you don't feel you're at fault, nothing works!!  You get the blame for something you know you haven't done and never intended to do and that situation just creates unnecessary tension and hassle?  Someone insists they're fine but their mood and tone towards you is screaming something completely different.

I've been in one of those situations for the past couple of days and boy is it ever frustrating.  I mean it was a silly thing to start with but it didn't require the after effects that followed.  I have tried all of the above but nothing has worked to make it better and I am just at a loss as to what to do other than walk away!

This is something that seems to have cropped up every so often and instead of it being over and done with there and then it drags on and I want to scream sometimes, I want to say "stop being such a baby and grow the f*** up".  But instead I take it and just deal with the moodiness and shortness in messages or tones. It's hard for me because I care about the person but I just feel that I'm the target of their frustration for reasons that I just don't know.  They seem mask the true issue with something so trivial and I'm being subjected to being made to feel crap and spending my day wondering what the hell is going on while they go about their daily life as though I either don't exist or that I am simply insignificant.

The first time I was fine with taking the crap and the moodiness but the second time I am just feeling why am I even bothering?  Nothing I try makes a difference, so why bother with trying to make a situation the other person created better?  I don't know if the person usually gets someone fawning all over them and feeding their ego, mood, issue and they have someone pretty much begging them to be OK with them, but I'm not that girl.  I'm not the kind of person who will just take someone's s*** until they decide I'm worthy of their niceness again.

My life is stressful enough without dealing with someone's tantrums and moodiness.  I deal with children every day at work, I don't expect to deal with child like behaviour outside of work and within my own personal relationships...I don't know if I'm being tested by the person or whether there's something underlying going on that they're not telling me, but I have had enough...it's time for them to either tell me or move on from the issue and be normal....or simply not have anything to do with me.  That sounds harsh but I just haven't got the time, energy or interest in dealing with someone's tantrums and moodiness if they're not going to be fully honest about the issue or look to move on from it. 

Don't get me wrong I like the person, of course I do, or they wouldn't be in my life to start with and I care about how they're feeling but I'm at the stage where enough is enough and I say to that person....YOU WIN!!! This song is a good reflection on my thoughts and feelings right now...

aaaaaaaand breathe....it's out of my system haha...time to move on with the rest of my day!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Caite xo

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Six Word Saturday

It's Saturday and that means as always I'm participating in:


I have had a great time throughout the winter months including fun in the snow but I am so ready for some warmer weather.

Have a good weekend :-)