Sunday, 25 November 2012

Nice little Sunday....

Damn you surprise surprise!!

As ever watching TV shows like that, where people who have done extraordinary things are shown gratitude and rewarded by the people that know and love them the most, make me cry like a complete girl.  The show is a great show but it definitely pulls on my heart strings and making me blub like a big girl doesn’t take much in these situations. 
Today has been a really nice relaxing day.  I have done quite a bit of stuff today in the house.  I have re-organised my wardrobe and put up a hanging shelf in there courtesy of Ikea:

One of these wasn't enough for all my clothes but it helped tidy my wardrobe up

I also managed to get my room clutter free today, turned my mattress and then changed the bed sheets.  After a shower I put on fresh clothes I got into bed for a well-deserved nap, I love getting into bed with clean sheets and clean clothes.  

After that I made a start on wrapping Christmas presents and spending a little bit of time on Skype talking to a friend that was fun and always nice to catch up with friends. 

The rest of my day is a nice evening of X Factor and I’m a celebrity…I’m still feeling poorly sick and this morning I think I grossed a friend out when I spoke about the infected slime coming out of my nose when I blew my nose haha.  I’m sorry, I just don’t get grossed out by bodily functions I’m afraid and I speak very matter of fact about what goes on with me.  Especially when I’m coughing and sneezing away and all I can see is gross infected green slime haha (yes I am this classy in “real life” haha)

With a head cold it’s a case of waiting it out and having a stand off between me and the cold…I’m a stubborn person at times so I can guarantee that the cold will not beat me…especially as I am only 6 days away from my birthday.  Woooooo….ceeeeeelebrate good times…c’mon!!
2011's birthday

Fairy cake birthday cake

For meeeee?

This is my birthday happy face

Anyway terrible reality TV calls…

Friday, 23 November 2012

Covering up the word MUG with make up....

Ohhhhhh boy what a day!

There I was minding my own business at work, getting on with my work…then I get one of the managers telling me I’m going to have to do duty stuff today because my friend in the team had not got her duty covered and so because I was the only one going to be in the office most of the day I had to pick up her duty stuff.  

There was no asking me if I minded helping, I got instructed I was doing it!! 

The manager walked out and my mood instantly changed…the first words out of my mouth to my friend was “am I confused or was I on duty just yesterday or did I dream that?”

Then in came the service manager came in with my friend who had not got her duty covered and headed towards me.  I looked at him with “don’t even ask me” look.  He saw this and said it looked suspicious and then said 4 small words…”I need your help”

That was it…I lost it…BIG TIME!!

I went into a massive rant about how I was not doing anything on duty if that’s what he needs help with because I am sick of being the only person who does things on duty, and that I spend up to 3 days out of 5 each week doing duty stuff and no one seemed to give a shit that I had my own cases.  I went on in my little tirade to say how I was f**king p**sed off that I was being dumped on every day and the one time I ask managers  to get duty workers to do a couple of visits while I’m on leave, they don’t get done because they’ve too “busy”.

That led to me and the service manager having a lengthy “chat” about a number of things that have been annoying and frustrating the crap out of me for months…including the actions of a former colleague who had been making people’s lives a misery.  Needless to say I made my point very clear at work and made clear that I was really annoyed about so much stuff.

People at work will quite happily say I will do all I can to help other people but what I do disagree with is when people think…”oh don’t worry Caite will do it”.  I made it perfectly clear that while I’m happy to help where I can, I refuse to do any more than my one duty day per week because it’s about time that sign saying “MUG” across my forehead was rubbed off...although I do a good job each day covering up that word MUG on my forehead with my make up.

I’m pleased to say though that no one else bothered me for the rest of the day and I sat at lunch to one of my friends saying “I can’t believe you swore in front of him”.  I simply said, I hit boiling point where work was concerned and he had to know exactly what’s been going on.

Haha, my friend was teasing me at lunch time saying “if only we had recorded it we could have used it for training newbies saying the clip you’re about to see is an example of how not to speak to senior management….cue video”.  It was funny afterwards and we all saw the humour in it…my service manager was nice to me afterwards but I’m quite lucky in that he likes me and values the work I do.  I applied and was interviewed for a job in the USA and he made it known to people in our building that he hoped I didn’t get the job because he didn’t want me to leave…so he understood that it had to be something significant or serious for me to get angry like I did because it isn’t like me to get angry,  especially not at work.

Who could ever think someone like me could ever get angry at work right?  I have such face hahaha
Buuuuut,'s the weekend now and it's a relaxation night for me and it's nice to be able to relax and not think about too much other than Friday night TV and then a lovely nights sleep...hopefully haha.

love this song and have done since it was released...

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Caite...I don't mean to sound bad....

Bleurgh!! I’m sick! And it’s a crappy feeling at the minute.  I feel so run down and just generally blah.  I even had to finish work early today because I was so run down.  It’s never good when people say to you “I don’t mean to sound bad Caite but you don’t look well at all” and then comes the killer blow “Caite you look like shit why are you at work?”…I have to admit I laughed at that one and questioned why I was at work myself.  I’m currently owed a week and a half in time I have worked above and beyond my regular hours…and it took me an hour to get out bed yesterday because I just couldn’t drag my sorry ass out of bed.  So I went home but was unable to relax and here I am wrapped up in my new blanket (Ikea’s finest haha).  Today it was the same I snoozed my alarm for work for an hour.  I lasted a half day at work and really needed to attend a meeting so after that I came home to work and at 3:30pm I was in bed and out for the count for 3 hours.  I was in bed with my duvet and my blanket covering me, the heating on, my window closed and my hoodie and socks on (and other clothes too obviously).  The reason I mentioned all those things is because they are classic Caite is sick signs.  I always sleep with my window open even if it's on the ventilated lock so some breeze comes through, I sleep with the heating turned off too, normally even then I get too hot and I kick the duvet off me so an extra blanket as well is really weird for me.  Then the socks...I can never sleep with socks on no matter how cold I am my feet need to be bare and I never wear something as big as a hoodie to sleep in, again because I get so's official...I am poorly sick!!! :-(

The weekend might have caught up on me though.  I went home to visit my mama and step-dad, so nice to see them and be fussed over for a couple of days.  I also caught up with friends from home who I also don’t get to see very often.  As planned I had a few drinks and it was nice to let my hair down and relax.  It’s been so long since I had a chance to properly relax.

So nice to see everyone at home again and catch up...Derby does "rock and/or roll" obviously haha

I took our two dogs home for the weekend...they were happy to visit my parents you can see from the pic below, they like to help my mum load the dishwasher haha....

However, they obviously over exerted themselves and chose somewhere very relaxing to have a rest...

It’s also getting to that time of year when Miss Morgan gets a year older…although this year I hit the good old 2-5!! A quarter of a century old in a couple of weeks...eeeek!  I'm SOOOOOO old haha.  It's going to be a fun time celebrating my birthday this year and I'm really looking forward to having a few days off and spending the time with good friend and having fun.

I love this song and thought I'd leave it for you...

Caite xo

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

I knew you were trouble...

Where has the last month gone?  Seriously I can’t believe that we are almost half way through November.  I have been so busy since my last blog post and great…I have a sore throat…which means, a head cold and throat infection is heading my way…I’m just so lucky at the minute.

Tonight is the first night I’ve had to relax and have the night to myself and I think I am in desperate need of it.  I’m so exhausted I can barely function at the minute.  I am putting in so much time at work it’s crazy. 
The early part of this week I took a trip to Wales for work, I was so busy that I didn’t even have time to go and see my dad, step mum and foster brother and sister who live just 45-50 minutes away.  You know life is sucky when you can’t even fit in a quick trip to your home town and see your nearest and dearest.  Thankfully my family are understanding and encourage me to do the best I can in my life both professionally and personally.  

Speaking of journey’s… I got a new car!! A brand spanking new car that catapulted me into the 21st century when it comes to cars, it has all sorts of nice features that I will probably never use or figure out how to use, but it’s nice having a new car.  I love the fact that I don’t have to think about putting my lights on any more because the car does it for me, it decides for me when to wipe my windscreen…but the best thing for me is having a USB charger in the car for my iphone.  I know I know…the little things are what amuse me!!! Being able to listen to my own music on my phone and the voice activated calling feature is great.  Although I haven’t figured out fully how to call someone without scrolling through my contacts on the cars screen and then pressing call…that’s something to challenge me later on haha.

 I’ve made an executive decision that this coming weekend will be a weekend free of work and a little bit of fun and relaxation.  My friend thinks I’m going to help her with Christmas shopping and ideas for our friends…she absolutely no chance of me thinking about Christmas presents this weekend…there are few glasses of wine with my name on them this weekend…and I can’t wait.

I'm loving this song at the minute and pretty much have a good old sing song on my way to work to this song...yep...I get funny looks haha...