Saturday, 9 June 2012

Guess Whose Back / I'm Freeeeee.....

Guess whose back, back again!!!! (Eminem, 2002) .....I’m freeeee to be whatever I choooooose!!! (Oasis, 1994).

My latest blog entry has been a long time in coming (2 months to be exact) and boy has a lot happened in those two months.  As the reference made at the start of my entry by the British band Oasis I’m freeeee!! I have finally completed my Masters in Forensic Psychology and I am university, academia and studying free and my gosh does I ever feel great to be that.  I have studied pretty much all my life and although I am one of those geeks that actually likes to study and learn new things I’ve never been more ready to close that chapter of my life and start the new chapter that is desperately trying to burst through the door.

Naturally I’m going to continue learning in life because that’s what life is all about, learning new things whether it is about me, myself and I, a new job, or general facts about the world and the situation the world is in right now. However, I don’t know what life has in store for me and for the first time in forever it feels great to know that I don’t know what is going to happen.  My life has been mapped out for so long due to university commitments but now it’s the great unknown and I love that thought. 

In the last two months, I’ve been home to Derby to visit members of my family especially my beautiful mama who her birthday in May, it was only a quick visit to see family there but well worth the trip.  Love being home and yup, getting spoilt by my mum especially with great meals. 

Next weekend is Father’s Day and so I’ll be heading to Derby again at the end of the week to see my Step Dad and give him his card, gift and go for dinner with him and my mum, and then my journey will continue to the Valleeeeeeeys haha! I’ll be heading to Newport to see my Papa and Step Mum and spend Father’s Day with them and do the same as I did with my Step Dad and Mum.  I’m looking forward to going to Wales, I was there very briefly last week for work but I didn’t get a chance to see family because I was staying almost an hour away from my hometown and then I was heading straight back…plus I was with a work colleague!!!

The last two months have had some serious highs and some serious lows and having had conversations with my best friends we have decided that it is time to put into action the things we talked about a few months…one of those things is the soul searching and the discovering Caite Morgan that I so desperately wanted in the early part of the year.  (the original post found here: ). Chloe and I had originally planned a 14 week trek around the world but that was put on hold for a number of reasons.  Now we’re planning our departure for a mini version of the trip I blogged about before.

This weekend, Chloe and I are having a party free weekend (for a change!?!?! haha) and planning a new trip that may involve being gone for a few weeks. Sadly the other two girls can’t come with us which sucks big time but we’re hoping they can join us for some of the trip.

I have spent some time with friends and have managed to enjoy the short amount of great weather we had.  It felt nice to sit in the park with friends and just relax and not worry about things. 

We don’t get too much sun where I live so my friends and I embraced the opportunity to enjoy it.

I have also been sick and that led to me spending a few days unable to really get out bed, that wasn’t nice at all.

We've also had a long weekend due to the Queen's Jubilee, never thought of myself as a Royalist in the slightest but I watched a number of documentaries about the Queen and the Royal Family as a whole and I can't help having respect for Elizabeth II and how she has conducted herself in a "man's world".  
Queen Elizabeth II - 1952

Queen Elizabeth II - 2012
Although there are times I don't think there are too many things "Great" about Britain there's something about the Queen that makes me think that we "aren't that bad". And how many people in the world can attract crowds like this:

                                                                                      ......other than the British Royal Family?.....

This of course also meant that my friends and I celebrated in the only way we knew how!!!

Day One:

Day Two:

There have also been other things happening that I just don’t think are appropriate to really expose in the public sphere but have really affected me, in some positive ways and in some hurtful and not so great ways.  There will always be things I’m extremely grateful for especially people that come into my life no matter how long or short that is for.  When they leave my life for whatever reason and purpose I am not unaffected,  I just don’t always have or know the right words to express my feelings about those things which can make me seem a little distant and cold. However, anyone who truly knows me will know that things eat away at me and I am affected more than the person will ever know.

As of 9th June 2012 Caite Morgan’s life is about to enter the unknown and it is quite scary but more simply…exciting!!!