Monday, 27 February 2012

Discovering Caite Morgan.....

Today a “friend” has finally admitted to me what has been going on about a situation that they know had been confusing me and concerning me for a while and today it has sent my world and mind into a bit of a spin.

There’s the relief that my judgement was right and I knew that something was wrong and something didn’t quite make sense…and then there was the hurt and disappointment that the person put me through something unnecessarily express how I feel about things that have happened because I don’t think I could truly believe that someone could be like they have. Even now I can’t fully comprehend it and now there is the feeling of… hmm…well let’s just say they’ve given me “food for thought”.  It has made me re-assess certain aspects of my life and made me realise that I need some form of outlet and self-discovery.

I know, I know, you look at me and you make the judgement that I’m all about partying, clothes and make up and that I don’t look like I’m going to have too much depth about me. Wrong! People who know me will know that I am a sensitive person, I have a very caring nature and that people’s actions affect me more than they realise.  I’m not a hard insensitive b**** despite my exterior…I also have a thing about not settling for things in life and look to better myself and I realise that new situations and cultures are the place to do that.
Having spending my day talking about my feelings, thoughts and general ambitions with my best friend I have decided that once my course at uni is over I’m out of here.

I need “Caite” time, I need to get out of the place that I have spent the last 5-6 years.  Don’t get me wrong I love where I live, I love who I live with and will be returning to our house and to those amazing girls I call my best friends.  I’m lucky that they support and love me, don’t try to change me and encourage me to be Caite, all quirks and imperfections included.

I am also lucky to have an ambitious best friend and one that wants to go on an adventure and while we don’t look like the stereotypical girls to go backpacking, we are planning to do just that.  We are going to do something that we haven’t done before and we have spent the day planning our route and boy do we have a great route planned.  One that really allows us to see a lot of the world and to discover a part of the world we don’t really know much about but places we are sure to fall in love with for all different reasons.

Adventure buddy and best friend :-)

We have such a long list of places that we’re planning on being gone all summer, I would imagine gone from May until the end of August…here are the places we plan to go:
Nairobi – Johannesburg – Capetown – Mumbai – Varanasi – Kathmandu – Bangkok - Hong Kong - Angkor Wat – Saigon -Ko Samui – Phuket – Penang – Fiji - Kuala Lumpar –Bali – Auckland – Brisbane – Sydney - Tahiti  - Easter Island  - Lima - Buenos Aires - San Francisco - New York – Toronto

This is something that is now motivating to get my uni work done something to focus on and to help get over what happened with my “friend” and just explore the world and experience the unknown and embrace the culture and discover more about Caite Morgan.
Discovering Caite Morgan....


Is this Caite Morgan?

Or is this Caite Morgan?

Have a good week

Caite xo

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  1. Love!! What a great post!! Discovering yourself is such an amazing thing - and just because I love my cute dresses and laaaashes doesn't mean I'm a bitch so I totally get what you're saying there!

    Sometimes a change in venue is needed to shake things up and also to clear your head of the regular daily life stuff that can keep you stuck in cycles you don't necessarily want to be in.

    My bestie of 13 years and I split up about 3 years ago. It sucked but it was an experience that has helped me so much in how I handle friendships now. :)